8 December 2022

America’s Prime Salons: The loud roar of Leon’s Style Salons in North Carolina!

North Carolina is lucky to offer, not only a salon that clients can go to enhance they’re beauty, but also a haven for the future stylists in the community seeking a professional education.

Leon’s Style Salons will celebrate its 69th anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings as a six-chair beauty salon on Tate Street in 1945, Leon’s now has eight salons and the beauty school that opened in 1963.

The experts at Leon’s sat with Estetica and offered advice in systems development, digital marketing strategies, leadership training, team building and staff development. This community gem shares some tips that will sharpen salon strategies and give insight into the realities of working with acclaimed brand Joico and while being an eco-friendly salon.

Leon’s Style Salons gives the community a place for those seeking to learn beauty and those looking to enjoy the result of that training; this the cycle that sets the bar for the salon’s success.

How is it partnering with a company like Joico?
It is ideal. Leon’s and Joico have a true collaboration to achieve the ultimate goal of creating the best look and experience for our salon guests. The Leon’s stylists like Joico’s professional products and education they have to offer.”

What makes the Joico brand so unique?
The Joico brand captures science, fashion and beauty and provides consistent outstanding professional products and education.”

What are some of Joico products you absolutely cannot live without?
KPAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil, Humidity Blocker, KPAK Revitaluxe, HairShake, Power Spray and Flip Turn Hairsrpray!

What is some advice that you can provide to up and coming entrepreneurs in running a successful business?
Consistency is a key to building a strong customer base and a solid business foundation. Consistency builds trust, confidence and loyalty. Choose an excellent mentor, set your goals and continue on your course.

Leon’s went from a 6 chair beauty salon to today’s six salons and a renowned cosmetology school. Do you combine the school’s education efforts with the salons?
The beauty of having both salons and a school is the interchange of new ideas, new talent and constant education for everyone. Education is the basis of a strong stylist and future professionals. Our salons are open to mentoring our students to give them a “real world” concept.

How important is a team mentality to Leon’s Salons?
It creates a supportive environment with less stress and drama, so it promotes creativity between team members to achieve the ultimate experience for our guests.

The founder, Leon Oldham was quoted saying, “Take care of your clients, your community and your employees.” How do you apply this basic philosophy to your community today?
Taking care of people is what we do. From services for those in need, local or global fundraisers, and a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint with solar panels and recycling. Our staff is our extended family and everyone steps up to assist each other daily and in times of need.”

Do you believe it is sometimes important to disconnect? If so what do you do to disconnect?
Yes, it is very important to disconnect from the everyday. The opportunity to change your focus brings new energy and ideas to recharge and rejuvenate the everyday. A new perspective can add excitement to the routine.”

I noticed you have a military discount for your clients, are there any other innovative ways the salon or the stylists at your salons use social media to promote?
Showcasing our stylist’s work is essential through social media outlets. It is also important to engage our target audience through contests, promotions and industry tips and tricks. Leon’s Style Salons has a Facebook Business page for our salons and School and we are currently advertising through Facebook as well. We utilize Pinterest and Instagram. We think it is critical to engage potential customers through these various outlets.”

I understand your salon offers the service to travel for weddings, how successful has this venture been for the salon?
Our stylists love to be onsite for weddings or special events. Our bridal team calmly and quickly satisfies the needs of the bride and her bridal party. Our services include hair, makeup, lashes and hairpieces. It can present some scheduling challenges for the salons so teamwork is critical.”

Finish this sentence! This salon cannot survive without______.
Consistent professionalism, teamwork and a splash of fun.”

For more information, please visit leonsstylesalons.com


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