5 December 2021
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Be You Collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54

We've called this collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54 "Be You" as it does just that; it captures a feeling of freedom and confidence reinforced by a burst of renewed energy. The message is clear: be individual, be confident, be you! "Be You" Hair – Emma Simmons of Salon 54, Photographer - Tony Le Britton, MUA – Paula Maxwel, Styling Chris Simmons

Skandal Collection: Created by Montse Morella

Skandal Collection represents a state of mind; one in which we become confused and our minds go blank. This is because of the way we are with bombarded with so much information; in a way, we lose the ability to make rational choices and decision. "We want everything to be easy and we go the way of others. It's easy forget our essence and confusing our personality," says Montse Morella. "Skandal Collection is one which we present backwards because that is how we see the fashion of this generation."  Hair: Montse Morella @momotra , Make-up: Sonia Aledo, Photos: Mikel Estupiña @m.estupinya...

Hariko Collection: Inspired Hair by Robert Kirby

 “Men willingly believe what they will; she loves treason but hates a traitor. Colour pop and architectural glamour, strong papier styling and also vibrant ink fusion combine." Robert Kirby on the Hariko Collection  Hair: Hariko Collection by Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby Hairdressing, Wimbledon and Balham, London, Make-up: Marta Wozniak, Styling: Elisa Heinesen, Products: ID Hair, Photographer: Andrew Kimber 

The Grafic Collection: Hair by Rodrigo Araneda

The Grafic Collection aims to cross the boundary between the two contrasting meanings of the word graphic; a visual artistic design or a strong vivid description.   Each of the 5 looks in The Grafic Collection by Rodrigo Araneda uses precision cutting, complex colouring as well as textures. These create a perfectly defined artistic shape. Then there is the make-up, black and white styling and the strong monochrome design backdrop. These also help to give the hair the strongest voice in image.   Hair: Rodrigo Araneda, Photography: Martin Tremblay, Make-up: Marika D'Auteuil, Stylist: Sandra Bernard & Ariane Simard, Products: Denman, Images: FPA

Haze Collection: The Fellowship’s Project Colour

The Haze Collection is the latest work by The Fellowship for British Hairdressing's PROJECT: Colour Team. Robert Eaton art directed the collection and the Project: Colour Team Leader was Paul Dennison. “The PROJECT: Colour team worked collectively to bring to life an autumn/winter palette in its Haze Collection. The looks also share the team’s passion and love of colour and demonstrating the skills they all bring to the team. We created looks to inspire stylists as well as consumers with rich coppers, brunettes and reds; using this season’s latest techniques.” Robert Eaton Hair: Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s PROJECT: Colour Team, and Team...

Mermaid Collection: Hair by Anna Barroca

We find the origin of life in the sea. For this reason, and perhaps because of its immensity, we attribute fantastic stories to it. These reflect its great power - hence the Mermaid Collection. Beneath the surface, the vibrant colours of algae and corals hide; but the fish seem dressed in scales of an almost magical chromatic intensity. The mythological figure of mermaids, as depicted in the Mermaid Collection; half woman, half fish - reminds us of where we come from, as well as our eternal connection with the sea. Without it, we would not exist. For its...