27 January 2023
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Estilo Chingón by Ayoze Medina

Estilo Chingón by Ayoze Medina conveys the thought that, Mexican culture, death is a celebration as a tribute to life. It is one of its most significant traditions, characterised by colour, offerings and its iconic catrinas. In the same spirit, the Estilo Chingón collection by Ayoze Medina reminds us that when something ends, something new is bor. A before and an after that marks an exciting beginning. Hair: Barberia Ayoze Medina Photography: Marcos Cabrera MUA: Ana Lidia Alonso Styling: Ayoze Medina Designer:  Lucas Balboa Models: José Luis Ángulo; Eduardo Pérez; Dimas Hidalgo; Juan Manuel Products: STMNT

Grandiose Collection by Karen Thomson

The Grandiose Collection by Karen Thomson is a true celebration of how texture and colour combine to create stunning hair creations. Traditional classics like the bob and the shag are featured in the Grandiose Collection by Karen Thomson. These stand alongside more contemporary adaptions like the mixie and the smullet. Hair : Karen Thomson at KAM Hair & Body Spa Make-up : Megumi Styling : Clare Frith Photography : Michael Young

Bowie Collection by SKP Ignite Team

This work takes its inspiration from the androgyny and style of the fashion king of self-reinvention. The Bowie Collection by SKP Ignite Team puts bold colour at the forefront of its creative message. The Art Direction for the Bowie Collection by SKP Ignite Team was by Suzie McGill. The beautiful pictures are the work of photographer and hairdresser Michael Young of Hooker & Young. Hair : SKP Ignite Team Art Direction : Suzie McGill Make-up : Jak Morgan Styling : Clare Frith Photography : Michael Young Products : Schwarzkopf Professional

Hermetica Collection by Salvador Oliver

The Hermetica Collection is the latest work by Salvador Oliver. It gets its inspiration from the world of personal relationships. It pays special relevance to the difficulties of social interaction that are currently beginning to become visible. The Hermetica Collection by Salvador Oliver aims to show the inner world and the impregnable richness of so many introverts. For example, shy individuals, people who suffer from autism, Asperger's, or other disorders that affect verbal and non-verbal communication. Disorders that limit our flexibility when it comes to accepting change. Also affected is the ability to move comfortably around the environment and socialise. Hair: La...

The Edit Collection by the FAME Team

This beautifully creative work called The Edit Collection is the work the outgoing, hugely successful Fellowship FAME Team 2022. The Edit Collection by the Fellowship FAME Team came about in association with luxury product creators, ORIBE. Mentoring the photoshoot were Hooker & Young. Art Director was Suzie McGill. Hair: FAME Team 2022 – Alex Cook, Darrel Starkey, Jessica Hau, Lydia Wolfe Mentors: HOOKER & YOUNG Art Director: Suzie McGill Make-up: MV Brown Styling: Detroit Law Photography: Michael Young Products: ORIBE

Ethereal Collection by Lindsay Guzman

The Ethereal Collection by Lindsay Guzman is born out of a need to see bold colours combined with soft shapes. To let the hair read the room and speak for it. Lindsay Guzman from elle.b savvy in Denver, has combined cools and warms in her Ethereal Collection. They complement and enhance each other without taking over. The looks incorporate soft curves with strong pieces. Soft face frame with structure above and below to support the eyes ability to see the vulnerability but feel supported. You see this in the styling of the fashion with a cohesiveness of soft colours...