2 October 2023
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The Chroma Collection by the Fellowship’s Project Colour

Beautifully vibrant, the Chroma Collection is by the Fellowship For British Hairdressing's Project Colour Team in association with STIL Salon. The Chroma Collection celebrates how colour diverges as a trend. This is especially significant at this time of year, when the flamboyant strength of Summer shades mellows into the subtleties of Autumn. A beautiful celebration of colour by the Fellowship For British Hairdressing's Project Colour STIL Lead Hair Team: Christel Barron-Hough at STIL Salon Angelo Vallillo Jessica James Yolanda Douglas Project Colour Team 2023: Leader: Daniel Couch Photos: Alex Barron-Hough at Layer Cake Productions Make-up: Katie Moore Styling: Robert Morrison

Heroes Collection by Pedro J Muñoz

From long hair with a wet look channeling rebellion, to the impeccable fade embracing modernity, this is the Heroes Collection by Pedro J Muñoz. The Heroes Collection by Pedro J Muñoz gets inspiration from Upp The Show, a hairstyling event that transcends aesthetics, blending creativity, trends, and education. Its aim is to inspire, educate, and foster innovation in the art of hair. In its previous edition, Pedro J. Muñoz stood as a prominent artist, merging military aesthetics with his characteristic touch of classic elegance. His goal was to redefine masculinity, infusing it with audacity and transgression. Heroes is the outcome of...

Roots Collection by The Fellowship’s Project Extend

The Roots Collection by The Fellowship For British Hairdressing's Project Extend got its inspiration from each individual in the Project Extend team. The Roots Collection by The Fellowship's Project Extend pays tribute to the skills and techniques mastered by each team member throughout the 12 months. The handcrafted hair pieces from the final looks was the work of each member of the team. Collection by The Fellowship For British Hairdressing's Project Extend Creative Direction – Michelle Griffin Hair – Jamie Hadleigh, Emma Holt, Stephanie Dobson, Marlene Lamont, Lucy Melvin Photography – Gary Hooker & Michael Young Video Assistant...

Color & Geometry by Serge Zaranko

The renowned Ukrainian hairdresser Serge Zaranko presents a collection of styles aimed at continuing to elevate color creatively. In this collection, for Serge Zaranko, color takes center stage, merging with geometric compositions that create kaleidoscopic effects, aiming for a striking impact in each of the looks. Zaranko, known for his ability to blend art and hairdressing, presents a stunning collection with colors that seem to come to life and geometric patterns that challenge perception. The collection features a vibrant color palette contrasting with black and white panels. What sets these hairstyles apart is how the color seamlessly integrates into intricate geometric...

Preto Branco Collection by Louise Vlaar Hair, Netherlands

The Preto Branco Collection showcases the exceptional cutting skills of Louise Vlaar at Pro-Solo, Alkmaar in The Netherlands. “For my Preto Branco Men's Collection wanted to create a beautiful white and even canvas to showcase my cutting skills," explains Louise Vlaar. "I also added elements with a wearable touch for a diversity of styles. This collection is for men who are looking for something progressive, tough and innovative.” Hair: Louise Vlaar Hair at Pro-Solo, Alkmaar, Netherlands Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek Styling: Ed Noijons Products: Keune Cosmetics Photographs: Ivo de Kok

BCRST Collection by Rut Navarro

Hairdresser and artistic director Rut Navarro presents her new BCRST Collection and takes a step further in her career with a proposal made through AI. These artificial intelligence images in the BCRST Collection by Rut Navarro are astonishing and captivating. They challenging the limits of imagination with their unique compositions and avant-garde styles. The future is an abstract construction that is always one step ahead of us, but once we reach that moment, it becomes the present. Therefore, we can say that every day we live is part of the future we could only imagine before. "Many of my...