22 May 2024
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The You Collection by Anna Barroca

The You Collection brings a message from one woman to another, a direct conversation. "Aren't you tired of always wondering what's in, or what's on trend?" The You Collection by Anna Barroca is an anthem to authenticity, a passionate reminder that you don't need to fit into any mould, or strictly follow trends. It's time to ask how you want to see yourself, and what do you want to convey to the world? This collection invites you to connect with yourself, to express your true essence through your hair. It empowers you to choose, to be the director of your...

Timeless Looks Collection by Olga García

The Timeless Looks Collection celebrates the evolution of hair over the years. Each cut and style are a testament to how time has shaped personal expression and appearance. Timeless Looks Collection by Olga García embraces both classic and contemporary trends,. The artistry captures the history of masculinity through hairstyling. Every cut and nuance brings the narrative of time to life, paying homage to ever-changing beauty. It's a journey of discovery through the decades of how hair becomes a silent witness to history. Hair: Olga García Estilistas Hair Assistant: Esther García @esthergarciadela Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam MUA: Ana Argonautas Styling:...

Evoke Collection by Angelo Seminara

The Evoke Collection is a tribute to Angelo Seminara's extraordinary creativity and intuition when it comes to all matters hair-related. With masterful composition, stunning colour and outstanding style and finish, the Evoke Collection by Angelo Seminara is a realisation of hair artistry at its very best. HAIR: Angelo Seminara HAIR COLOUR: Angelo Seminara Colour Team PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew O’Toole MAKE-UP: Daniel Kolaric PRODUCTION: Iconic Crew STUDIO: CS Media - SE1 Studios

Ethereal Collection by Siëro Hair Studio

Siëro Hair Studio, the prestigious hairdressing firm led by brothers David and Marcos Siero, presents their new collection. As they tell us from Siëro Hair Studio, nothing is perfect, but it is in imperfection where being different, individual, and somewhat undefined is born. 'Ethereal' is intangible, undefined, subtle, and sublime at the same time. The question many people ask is: What's in fashion now? Can you give me a precise answer? 'Ethereal' is created to bring movement, texture, and versatility. As they assure us from this prestigious firm, hairdressing has its own wifi to which we must constantly be connected… are...

Standards Collection by Gritt London

The Standards Collection by Gritt London is a celebration in surpassing the confines of creativity. Nothing is impossible; nothing is off-limits. The Standards Collection is an expression of excellence by Marney Lian @ Gritt, London. Identity is at its core. Each protagonist becomes the best they can be when they explore their inner-self. Hair: Marney Lian @ Gritt, London Make-up: Heather Jackson & Rosie Williams Hugo Concept: Charles Harding Photography: Richard Miles

Renewal Collection by Emy Roccabella

The London-based stylist of Italian heritage, Emy Roccabella, brings to light a captivating array of hair fashion designs. "You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be," says Emy Roccabella. A revolution is underway in fashion. The future is rising with a new pragmatism: we can all consume more mindfully and with sensitivity. Now more than ever it’s important to raise awareness and change minds on the most pressing issues of our time: topics spanning climate change, mental health, gender rights, disability and many more. “There is a renewed urge for society...