27 September 2021
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Hair collection

Contemporary Classic by SESH Hairdressing

In his Contemporary Classic Collection, Simon Hill wanted to embody this feeling within each image of this collection. With a nod to classic, nostalgic trends also with a blend of contemporary elements of style for the perfect mix. SESH Hairdressing is based in Leith, Edinburgh and the motto of the area is ‘Persevere’. Demonstrating strength and also dignity in the toughest of times. Hair – Lead stylist – Emma McPherson with Simon Hill; Photography – Chris Bulezuik

Smudge Collection by Safy Burton

"The inspiration for my Smudge Collection comes from my love of colour and also from the technique – the smudge! The smudge is a colour application I really enjoy using. I utilised sponges in order to apply and blend the colours as well as to give a wow effect." Safy Burton. "Imagine the light reflecting through a stained glass window and the offset of the colours. I wanted to encompass precisely that effect in the hair in my Smudge Collection. I wanted people to look at this and think, how did she achieve that!" adds Safy. Hair – Safy Burton @saffffy...

Faubourg Saint-Martin by Intercoiffure France

The Faubourg Saint-Martin by Intercoiffure France is about simplicity - as well as looking back to the natural source of beauty. Recapturing a beautiful space, this collection was also born in the historic heart of Paris. Inspired by time and its contradictions, the desire for renewal and the rediscovery of long hair and styling; the return of certain iconic looks from the 70s and 80s and classicism. The Faubourg Saint-Martin Collection by Intercoiffure France also proves to be an impressive barometer for the current era. Intercoiffure France: François Mazeau (Artistic Director), Nicolas Astruc, Alima Baz, David Cognin, Vincent Moutault, David...

Everlasting Collection by Michael Purvis

The Everlasting Collection by Scottish Session Stylist Michael Purvis is a creative force. It's in recognition of what we have come to know over the past year and a half. It’s about the memory of someone we've lost - blurry and fading, but always in our thoughts. In the Everlasting Collection, Michael wanted to produce a truly timeless collection; also one that everyone can feel a part of. It recreates a memory that those who are struggling to find their way can hold on to. Hair by - Michael Purvis, Photographer - David Stanton, Stylist - Ian Todd / Amy...

Diversity Collection: Jason Miller @ Charlie Miller

These colour looks in the Diversity Collection symbolise the ever-evolving multiplicity as well as creative freedoms within the craft. Diversity Collection: Hair: Jason Miller, Charlie Miller, Make Up: Lauren Gollan, Photography: Jason Miller, also Digital Assistant: Phillip Dickson. @charliemillerartisticteam @CharlieMillerSalons @jasonindia @laurengollanstudio

Mademoiselle Collection by Billi Currie Team

Inspired by the young French sophisticated stars of the movies, the Mademoiselle Collection is about elegance & charm as well as with a youthful natural edge. In the Mademoiselle Collection, each girl’s haircut also has a combination of structure, looseness & texture. The finish & shine perfectly compliment each look.  Mademoiselle Collection Credits: Hair: Marz Cielen & Debbie Gee, Art Direction: Billi Currie. Photography: Tanaz Ghaffarsedeh, Make Up: Claire Evans, Styling: BC Team, Images: FPA