28 January 2022
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Hair collection

Siombaya Collection Directed by David Fergar

The Siombaya Collection is inspired by the strength of women from the most powerful cultures across our continent. Also motivated by a touch of 70s disco! To the rhythm of curls, twists and also waves, the power of colour takes over the runway. It makes a statement of empowerment and seduction. In the Siombaya Collection it achieves a synergy between hairdressing, make-up as well as styling; creating shine and glitter in a holographic explosion - also with a nod to the past. It's a journey through Africa, the folklore of Andalusia, the Mexican Muxes and the Geishas of Japan. Artistic...

Sense of Purity by Karen Thomson at KAM Hair

Inspiration for the collection comes from iconic magazine covers with the aim to achieve looks with a Sense of Purity. Images in the Sense of Purity collection showcase hairstyles with movement and soft texture; also haircuts that are on trend today, including choppy mullets, crops and French bobs. All looks carry Karen's signature style in mind - to create beautiful hair looks. These are also perfect for clients in the salon Hair: Karen Thomson, KAM Hair and Body Spa, Make-up: Megumi Matsuno, Stylist; Magdalena Jacobs, Photographer: Jack Eames, Art Director: Tracey Divine Smith.

The 16th Collection: Contrasts by Pierre Ginsburg

The 16th Collection by Pierre Ginsburg is full of contrasts for Pierre Ginsburg. He revisits timeless, classic looks by contrasting two opposing styles in both colour and shape. The first look in The 16th Collection features a slightly shorter, also versatile cut. It allows for a more daring look. It remains bold and is even stronger thanks to a cool, eye-catching blonde. This is a mid-length option in chocolate brown with highlighted lengths. It offers a choice between a trendy, and easy-to-wear daytime look. The alternative is brilliant and sophisticated - perfect for a party or special occasion. Photos: Joris Gonin for Privilège...

Rebel Roots Collection: Hair by Antonio Palladino

Successful career women that started as street savvy, street fashion girls with a no nonsense can-do attitude. Rebel Roots reflects a self-belief and confidence not to compromise dumb down or subdue youthful passion and individuality. Rebel Roots by Antonio Palladino is a combination of strong shapes, vibrant colours as well as polished styling. The collection depicts a confident professionalism, also with a strong connection to a formative rebellious past.  Hair: Antonio Palladino, Photography: Desmond Murray, Make Up: Bianca Bonjour, Styling: Jamie Russell, Images: FPA

Charley Tuck: not your dad’s barber!

Charley Tuck creates contemporary classics for today's men, reflecting individual styles and fashion statements. Definitely not your dad's barber! First of all, we can glean from this collection that Charley Tuck of VannStudio in Seattle, Washington is definitely not your dad's barber! Most likely, some of us remember our fathers and brothers going to the local barber shop for a trim or cut. But nowadays, guys are less interested in simple "cookie-cutter" looks and are aiming more for "head-turning". These changes have been spurring professionals like Charley Tuck to observe the new direction the men's barbering industry is headed....

Homme Men’s Collection by Jonathan Fisher

"In my Homme Men's Collection I wanted to create a high fashion, masculine collection using a combination of intricate skills from both hairdressing and barbering techniques," explains Jonathan Fisher. My main inspiration behind the Homme Men's Collection is diversity," continues Jonathan. "The world is full of unique, incredible, and interesting individuals. I wanted to really showcase that within my collection. From the BTS crew to the models, this entire collection is about people from different backgrounds and societies; as well as various skin tones and hair textures. "It was so important to me to showcase my skills and techniques on...