18 May 2024

Introducing Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers, Joico Global Technical Director

Joico, known for its legacy of product performance, the ‘joi-ful’ brand announces Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers has joined the brand as its Global Technical Director.

With a motto like “Watch It Bounce”, Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers is an absolute master in the art of creating healthy, shiny, bouncy hair – it only made sense to have her join Joico as the newest member of their superstar team.

With 20+ years’ experience in hairstyling, coloring, and extensions under her belt, Chicago-based Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers has a long list of bragging rights: Yes, she’s a Certified Master Colorist and Texture Expert, who’s racked up nominations for some of the beauty industry’s most coveted awards. And, yes, she’s graced the main stages of prominent national shows, including BehindTheChair.com’s The BTC Show, Hair Love Retreat, Texture VS Race, Texture Hair Elevated, and many more.

…But as a celebrated color-transformation specialist, Walker-Rodgers has a mission that’s perhaps even nearer and dearer to her heart – a passion for education, and a dedication to teaching hairstylists across the globe how to be technically excellent in everything from color formulation and technique, to hair care and styling mastery. “Jae” (as she’s affectionately known to her wide circle of friends, family, and colleagues) firmly believes in paying it forward; and helping stylists feel confident working with all hair types and textures. Her commitment to elevating others is just one of the many reasons Joico is so thrilled she’s joined forces with the brand; and they can’t wait to bring you her infectious joi and hair expertise.

Joico’s VP of Integrated Digital Marketing and Education, Valerie Robinett feels enthusiastic about having Walker-Rogers come on board, expressing: “I am over the moon about our partnership with Jeannetta. From the moment we connected I knew she would be a great fit for and with our team, and really aligned professionally and “joifully” with the Joico brand. With her talent and experience, she had her choice of any pro brand to work with, and she chose us! Her know-how behind the chair, on the main stage, and behind the ‘virtual’ screen, from hair to industry knowledge, makes her a real mentor-leader and exemplary educator.

Coming from a family of cosmetologists Walker-Rodgers says, “I spent so much time in the salon. I started doing hair on myself…then my friends’ and family’s hair…and I was good at it! After my first year of college, I begged my Mom to let me attend hair school, promising I would go back to college when I was done.” She was good on her word – continuing her study in Fine and Studio Arts as well as earning her cosmetology license. Speaking on diversity and representation of Joico’s audiences and loyal following – from professional education to reflecting the faces and hair types as varied as the people that have come to count on Joico, Walker-Rodgers doesn’t shy away from speaking about the importance and impact this role will have for her, women, women of color, and for the brand itself:

Representation MATTERS. As a young stylist, I had to see people who looked like me in leadership positions and roles I wanted to work toward. Seeing women, and BIPOC leaders in the beauty industry –even though back in the day there were few– was reassurance for me that I could reach those goals of being an industry leader one day. I do not take my position in our industry lightly. The implications, inspiration, and impact are too important for future generations of industry artists. …Especially artists who are often underrepresented, and do not fit into the “status quo.” I do not believe I was afforded opportunities, like partnering with Joico for instance, to keep ideas and information to myself. I grow by watering others, making sure their leaves are as green as mine. I am unafraid to share knowledge; when I do, I learn even more. Partnering with a brand like Joico, I wholeheartedly believe will help me in this vision and in this work. This partnership has brought me much JOI to see how much work they do to build an equitable, inclusive, and diverse beauty community.

Come meet Jeannetta and find out why the brand is so excited to have this one-of-a-kind texture talent join the Joico family. Get to know her a little better by visiting joico.com/meet-jeannetta-walker-rodgers/ (or go to joico.com and search “Jeannetta”) to learn more about her.


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