13 June 2024

Global Community Gathering 2024 by Authentic Beauty Concept

Barcelona was the destination for Authentic Beauty Concept’s fifth annual Global Community Gathering. The emphasis was on uniting hair professionals as well as beauty enthusiasts from across the globe.

Global Community Gathering

This year, over 250 attendees from 20 countries gathered at the Authentic Beauty Concept Global Community Gathering. They explored the latest in haircare innovation and styling, with a particular focus on integrating the hottest trends from fashion runways.

Global Community Gathering

Central to this year’s event was the seamless incorporation of the latest trends from the world’s fashion capitals. Anna Cofone and Adam Garland spearheaded the Fashion Week Experience Zone located in an attractive space of A Studio. This offered attendees a behind-the-scenes look into the dynamic world of fashion hairstyling. Their sessions were an invitation to explore and adopt the cutting-edge styles defining contemporary fashion. Anna Cofone celebrated looks including the iconic styles created for Lana Del Rey. She illustrated the flawless blend of high fashion and everyday hairstyling

Beauty Potion

Global Community Gathering

Authentic Beauty Concept also unveiled the new Beauty Potion, a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending scientific innovation with natural ingredients. This zone was a deep dive into the meticulous research and development process that led to this state-of-the-art backbar treatment. Here, attendees gained exclusive insights into how Authentic Beauty Concept harnesses cutting-edge science to create formulations that are both effective and eco-conscious, embodying the ethos of sustainable beauty without compromise.

A Milestone Event

Global Community Gathering

This two-day gathering was not just a celebration of Authentic Beauty Concept‘s five-year journey living the belief in authentic beauty and the key values of pure formulas, community & direct connection, authentic hair and mindful experiences but also a testament to what’s to come. The event exemplified the brand’s commitment to leading the beauty industry towards a more authentic, environmentally conscious, and inclusive future.


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