27 September 2021


Furnishing a hairdressing salon: 6 IG accounts to keep an eye on

These 6 IG accounts are all made in Italy and are all interesting: we suggest you keep an eye on them to glean some targeted inspiration when you're considering furnishing a hairdressing salon. Furnishing a hairdressing salon is a question of personal taste above all, but also of coherence with a professional image. Finding inspiration is not easy, so its always useful to take a glance at sources not necessarily inherent to the salon sector to find the right idea. After having already suggested 10 IG accounts to follow, here are another 6 IG accounts that we recommend for specific...

Design inspiration for hair salons: 10 IG accounts to follow

A tour amidst the Instagram accounts that can be a source of design inspiration for the hair salons. From sector professionals to interior suggestions. Instagram, together with Pinterest, is one of the most prolific sources of inspiration when speaking about design. There is an influencer, an export, a hashtag for every style or need. So here is our selection of 10 IG accounts can be a source of design inspiration for the hair salons, drawing on professional as well as extra-sector channels, precisely because inspiration can be found anywhere. Salon Design Interior A collection of inspiration for the salon designed to nourish...

The Polished Pub – Home of the Headicure

According to Natalie Lamorena, owner of The Polished Pub (Park Ridge, NJ), in general about 75% of women are rushing to get their nails done before or after hair appointments and are stressed about the amount of time it takes out of their busy days. As a result, she created the Headicure - a simultaneous service of getting nails done while hair is being blown out…and it’s going viral!

4 tips for Making Luxury Look Effortless

Part of delivering a luxury experience is making it look effortless.  Nicole Strachan, owner of The Vault by Nicole Strachan, is in the heart of Fairfield County (New Canaan, Connecticut) in a community that is used to the finest of everything.  So, when she designed her salon, she had to make sure the experience was unlike any other.

Luxurious and elegant salon expansion

The MARKDAVID salon based in Scotland (UK), has recently completed its on-trend expansion in order to be able to provide additional treatments and services to its clientele in its luxurious, elite, elegant and exclusive interiors.

Saks Hair Opens New Salon in Newark

Despite the challenging times the UK and global hair industry has experienced in recent months, Saks has bucked the trend and opened a new hair salon in Newark.