30 November 2021




Hair Collection

Be You Collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54

We've called this collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54 "Be You" as it does just that; it captures a feeling of freedom and...

Hariko Collection: Inspired Hair by Robert Kirby

 “Men willingly believe what they will; she loves treason but hates a traitor. Colour pop and architectural glamour, strong papier styling and also vibrant...

The Grafic Collection: Hair by Rodrigo Araneda

The Grafic Collection aims to cross the boundary between the two contrasting meanings of the word graphic; a visual artistic design or a strong...

Haze Collection: The Fellowship’s Project Colour

The Haze Collection is the latest work by The Fellowship for British Hairdressing's PROJECT: Colour Team. Robert Eaton art directed the collection and the...

Mermaid Collection: Hair by Anna Barroca

We find the origin of life in the sea. For this reason, and perhaps because of its immensity, we attribute fantastic stories to it....

Supreme Men’s Hair Collection by Jesús Vázquez

In his Supreme collection Jesús Vázquez wanted to give kudos to the craft of hairdressing; and the importance of hair in every sphere of...

November Collective Presents Debut Collection

November Collective is a state-of-the-art hair and beauty destination in busy Livingston, a short distance from Edinburgh. Founders Christopher Laird and Emma-Louise Cantwell are...

Bloom Collection: Created by María Montes

The Bloom Collection, which clearly has vintage inspiration, also recalls the London spirit of the '70s and '80s. Youthful looks that evoke classic mullets,...

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Tips & Tricks

Top 5

Choose the Colors for your Salon: Top Tips & Common Mistakes to Avoid

Focus on color? No, not hair color (for a change!), but of the walls, furnishings and interior of the salon – an often overlooked aspect that can make a difference, even in terms of revenue.

The 2021 International Hairdressing Awards’ winners presented in a virtual awards ceremony

Terri Kay & Andrea Giles @ Mark Leeson (UK), Emma Simmons (UK), Dicksum Low (Malaysia), X-presion (Spain) and Errol Douglas (United Kingdom) are the five winners of the 2021 International Hairdressing Awards!

Salon Emotion: Creating a Stronger Bond between Stylist and Client

Investments in top education and smart management made Ensemble the perfect location for L’Oréal’s revolutionary business program Salon Emotion.

Color Fusion just got Cooler! Introducing 14 New Redken’s Cool Fashion Shades

Banish the brass with Redken’s new Color Fusion Cool Fashion collection, 14 new shades that start cool and stay cool for up to eight weeks!

Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip by Wahl Professional releases for Limited Time Only

The limited-edition release of the vintage-inspired clipper is finally here with the Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip. New tool comes in a sleek, vintage-inspired all-metal casing that outshines the competition.

Latest News

Winter Braids: 3 How Tos by Sabrina Dijkman

During the winter months, the weather can be harsh the hair and can cause damage and dryness. Due to this, it’s a great idea...

Be You Collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54

We've called this collection by Emma Simmons of Salon 54 "Be You" as it does just that; it captures a feeling of freedom and...

Defining your purpose for professional success

When defining your purpose to help set professional goals, Eufora Business Trainer Angie Lund says to ask yourself 4 BIG questions. Do you ever wonder...

NOCO Hair Celebrates its 3 Years in Business

NOCO Hair in Bristol celebrated its third anniversary this month, with owners Noel Halligan and Corey Taylor putting on their gladrags for a special...

At-Risk Cleveland Students receive Full Scholarships from Wahl Professional

On November 8th, eight Cleveland students received life-changing news when they were awarded full scholarships to local barber schools. The eight full scholarships were awarded...

Skandal Collection: Created by Montse Morella

Skandal Collection represents a state of mind; one in which we become confused and our minds go blank. This is because of the way...

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