21 May 2024


Edizioni ESAV is an Italian publishing company producing high-quality professional magazines for the hair and beauty industry.

Founded in Turin, Italy, in 1946 by Mino Pissimiglia, ESAV is the publisher of Estetica Magazine, which, within a few years of being launched had already established itself as the country’s most authoritative magazine on hairdressing. Today, it is the world leader both in terms of distribution and global coverage. In 1958, Estetica arrived in Japan, followed by Peru, Latin America and the Middle East in 1962-63. Then, in 1977, the Italian/English international edition was launched. In March 1991 the EsteticaNetwork project was created with the publication of local editions - first of all in the main European countries, then extended to America and Asia.

Now available in 22 editions worldwide, Estetica is distributed across more than 60 countries with circulation exceeding 296,500 copies. Edizioni ESAV directly manages 12 editions, with branches in London, Paris, Milan, Karlsruhe, Barcelona and Miami - as well as its head office in Turin. In the other 10 countries it has established close partnerships with local publishers who produce Estetica under license.

The magazine offers previews on new products, information on international trade fairs, techniques, in-depth inquiries, and insights into the latest hair trends and fashion ideas. Edizioni ESAV also publishes Zefiro and Allure - trade magazines dedicated to perfumery, as well as customer publishing opportunities and the organization of photo shoots and industry events.