13 June 2024

Outstanding Revlon Professional’s Front Row Summit 2024

Hosted at the heart of Lisbon, the third edition of the Front Row Summit, presented by industry leaders Mario Aragón, SVP of Revlon Professional, and Miquel Garcia Cotado, Global Creative VP of Revlon Professional Brands, welcomed over 1500 stylists from across the globe.

The Front Row Summit 2024 by Revlon Professional was a fusion of inspiration, creativity, innovation, and trendsetting. Attendees were treated to the exciting launch of Color Excel Gloss Neo Nudes, showcased by four models flaunting each new shade from the collection.

Miquel Garcia unraveled the forthcoming 2025 macro trends in interior design, fashion, beauty, and hairstyling, unveiling the future inspirations and consumer behaviour set to influence salons worldwide.

Miquel Garcia engaged the audience in an interactive session to co-create Revlon’s Hair Color of the Year 2025. Through real-time voting via a dedicated app, participants leveraged their expertise to select the next trend-setting hue. This platform facilitated invaluable exchanges of opinions and viewpoints among attending stylists, shaping the future landscape of the beauty industry.

Mario Aragon presented American Crew Campus, an evolution of the brand ethos, emphasising the leadership in category in the professional industry and expanding it into a lifestyle brand.

Revlon International President Charles Waters, delivered a compelling welcome speech, highlighting the pivotal role of the professional beauty industry for the company and emphasised the Revlon’s commitment to innovation and industry focus, promising continued excellence in product development, setting a bold vision for future collaboration.

In addition to highlighting hair innovations and trends, the Front Row Summit 2024 celebrated the successes of outstanding clients from around the globe. The eight awardees were Silvia Pereira, entrepreneur and owner of Chic Bilbao salons, recognised for exceptional business expansion, and Daniel Bernad, owner of Bernad Hair Salón Makeup, honoured for outstanding digital brand identity creation, Fabrice Chesaux from Switzerland was mentioned for best engaging content, Elisabet Riviera was recognised for her qualitative content creation, Andre Schultz from Germany, as best digital creator, from the UK Andrew Jose deserved recognition for his hair care in salon Services growth and also, Hairstore from Portugal was mention as leader in customer journey. They all had nice words about the partnership and support received by Revlon among the years.

The evening culminated in a dazzling runway showcasing the creative Brand Ambassadors of Pierre Gingsburg, Danilo Giangreco, Paul Wilson, and Christian Rios.

A splendid dinner and lively party marked a fitting conclusion to this triumphant event. The Front Row Summit 2024 by Revlon Professional underscored Revlon’s commitment to empowering stylists worldwide. It provided a transformative platform for learning, sharing experiences, and business growth. Participants departed with renewed inspiration, motivation, and newfound knowledge to reach new heights and exceed boundaries.


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