22 June 2024

The Met Gala: Hair is the ultimate accessory!

The Met Gala always features some of the most inspirational hair looks, once again demonstrating that it’s a number one accessory!

The Met Gala is one of the most-anticipated events of the year for the stunning fashion statements made by A-list superstars. And as always, the hair was the utmost accessory! Here are some of our favorites from the red carpet!

Celebrity Hairstylist, Harry Josh, worked with Irina Shayk for the 2024 Met Gala red carpet look.

  • To start, Josh treated the hair with the KERASILK Strengthening Bond Builder, strengthening and prepping it for the upcoming look.  
  • He then applied the KERASILK Repairing Spray to nourish, hydrate and protect the hair against heat and breakage. 
  • Prior to blowing out the hair, Josh applied Great Lengths Tape In Extensions throughout the entire head to create length and volume. 
  • Once the hair was blown dry, Josh secured a ponytail on the top of her head, wrapping the hair around and twisting to create a bun
  • Lastly, Josh finished off the look with the KERASILK Multi-Purpose Hairspray to lock the pair into place and add shine.

Celebrity Hairstylist, Renato Campora, worked with Camila Morrone for the 2024 Met Gala.

  1. Getting ready for the big night, Renato wanted to create a full-volume, 60’s inspired red carpet ready look.
  2. To start, Renato applied the KERASILK Activating Scalp Foundation to the scalp to stimulate and hydrate it.
  3. Then, he washed and conditioned the hair using the KERASILK Smoothing Shampoo and KERASILK Smoothing Conditionerto nourish, smooth and tame hair from root to ends.
  4. Following the wash, Renato massaged the KERASILK Smoothing Mask into the hair and let it sit for five minutes. 
  5. Once the hair was prepped, Renato wanted to maintain the health of the scalp and applied the KERASILK Redensifying Scalp Serum as it allows for a thicker and denser root.
  6. Next, on towel dried hair he sprayed the KERASILK Liquid Cuticle Filler to give the hair shine that will last all night. Renato sectioned out the hair and applied the KERASILK Volumizing Foam to the roots and a mist of the KERASILK Volumizing Spray to achieve extra bounce.
  7. Each section was then blow dried with a round brush, curled with a big barrel iron and gently pinned to cool off. This allows for the bend to look natural and soft.
  8. Once the hair was set, Renato began brushing the hair starting from the nape and added the KERASILK Texturizing Spray for some effortless and a tiny bit of KERASILK Finishing Cream on the ends.

Hot blondes

Top celebrity colorist Jacob Schwartz resorted to some of his trendiest blonde looks this year for the color behind Brie Larson and Rebecca Fergesson for the Met Gala! Jacob shares more on the “Spun with Gold and “Galactic Blonde” hair trend that he created below using Schwarzkopf Professional.

Brie Larson | Spun with Gold Color Trend

CREDIT: Expert Celebrity Hair Colorist, Jacob Schwartz using Schwarzkopf Professional

JACOBS INSPIRATION: My version of the Expensive “Monday Blonde”, I call “Spun with Gold” and involves a meticulously thorough amount of micro highlights throughout the entire hair. It’s the perfect amount of light and dark blended to give extra life to the hair.


INSPIRATION:My version of the Expensive “Monday Blonde”, I call “Spun with Gold” and involves a meticulously thorough amount of micro highlights throughout the entire hair. It’s the perfect amount of light and dark blended to give extra life to the hair.


  1. Fine Highlights with BLONDME Lightener 9+ & BLONDME Premium Developer 7 Vol & 20 Vol. 1:1:1 
  2. Balayage ends with BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ & BLONDME Premium Developer 30 Vol. 1:2
  3. On damp hair apply IGORA VIBRANCE 7-0 + 8-11 + IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Gel 6 volume for 10 minutes 1:1:2
  4. The last 3 minutes apply IGORA VIBRANCE 9-0 + 8-0 + Vibrance activator 6 volume 1:1:2
  5. Lift up the ends and rinse, shampoo and condition

Rebecca Ferguson | Galactic Blonde

CREDIT: Expert Celebrity Hair Colorist, Jacob Schwartz using Schwarzkopf Professional

JACOBS INSPIRATION:Rebecca is starring opposite Chris Pratt & Anabelle Wallis in the MGM Sci Fi Thriller series MERCY. I thought of her futuristic character when creating the blondes she is currently filming. We are calling it “Galactic Blonde”.


Highlights: BLONDME PREMIUM LIGHTNER 9+ with BLONDME Developer 30 volume (1:2), 1/4 of #1 Olaplex

Low lights

Olaplex #1 standalone treatment after rinsing highlights and low lights

Root smudge




Timing: 10 minutes  Then Rinse/Shampoo using Olaplex 4 & 5

Kerry Washington and Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

Kerry Washington’s hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew used the Schwarzkopf brand OSiS to style her new elevated pixie cut for tonight’s Met Gala. Below you will find the breakdown of her hairstyle along with Takisha’s inspiration for the look.

INSPIRATION:For my favorite day of the year I knew I had to show up and show out! Kerry’s gorgeous dark violet Oscar De La Renta dress is the perfect representation of the theme Garden of Time and I knew I had to match that chic, bold, and fairy-like energy with her hair. I love a pixie cut on Kerry and decided this was the perfect moment for an elevated pixie cut to bring the whole look together.” – Celebrity Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

  1. I prepped Kerry by evenly applying the OSiS+ Grip Extra Strong Mousse to her damp clean hair, thoroughly distributing throughout. This created some volume and protected her hair from heat styling. 
  2. Blow drying her hair with a round brush prepared it for other hot tools. I used a flat iron to straighten and smooth all of the hair. 
  3. Next, I used my scissors and a razor to cut and shear off length strategically to make the look more feathery and ethereal. I was going for the pixie or fairy vibe to match her dress. I didn’t want it to be too harsh or blocky. 
  4. Although the mousse added a lot of volume and shine, I wanted to incorporate even more bounce. So I applied some OSiS+ Texture Craft Volumizing Dry Texture Spray. I focused on the root area for extra lift.
  5. After finishing the hot styling, I applied some OSiS+ Glow Anti-Frizz Shine Serum to her hair. I focused on the ends and anywhere else that I noticed flyaways. This was the perfect way to add some more shine and smooth down some of the frizz. 
  6. I then smoothed every last stray hair down with OSiS+ Freeze Medium Hold Hairspray. Pro tip: Choose a soft bristled but dense brush to smooth everything down! The density and softness of the brush bristles really ensure every hair is in place and as smooth as possible. 
  7. I still wanted Kerry’s hair to be soft and touchable without falling out of place throughout the night. So I finished off with a healthy spray of the OSiS+ Hold Elastic Light Hold Hairspray

Sydney Sweeney — MET Gala Hair Breakdown with Hair Tools by SUTRA

Sydney Sweeney‘s hair stylist, Glen Coco,created her look for the Met Gala, using hair tools from SUTRA’s Infrared series. Find out how you can get the look!

  1. To prep damp hair, apply Serum on the scalp and massaged it in.
  2. Create a center part, apply Elixir from roots to ends.
  3. Start to wrap the hair around flat on the head, brush as you go, secure with clips.
  4. Apply the wig, secured with hair pins around the nape of the neck. Cut to desired length to complement the face shape.
  5. Dampen the wig with water, apply Serum for a little glide to the hair before cutting to desired length.
  6. To dry use SUTRA Beauty’s Healthy™ Infrared blow dryer, which utilizes infrared technology to dry the hair efficiently without damage. With the round brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the other, begin drying hair in sections. Use the round brush to lift the hair at the roots for added volume. Aim the blow dryer nozzle downward along the hair shaft to seal the cuticle using infrared technology to create a shiny finish.
  7. Once hair is dry and freshly prepped, use SUTRA Beauty’s Healthy Heat™ IR2 Infrared 1” Flat Iron to create the style. Set iron to 390 degrees, start by clamping the flat iron near the roots and gliding the flat iron back and forth along the length of the hair, alternating directions to create flat waves with fluttered ends. This technique helps to add texture and dimension to the hair, resulting in a beautifully tousled & healthy look.
  8. To lock in the look, finish with hairspray.

*All liquids used were Kerastase ** All hair tools used were SUTRA


Model and activist Quannah ChasingHorse’s stunning Met Gala look

Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Paula Peralta created model and activist Quannah ChasingHorse‘s stunning Met Gala look! For her pre-Met prep, Paula gave Quannah fresh, beautiful color using Paul Mitchell The Demi 1AA for “for the silkiest, shiniest black” hair color. 

How she got the look!


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