19 May 2024

Calligraphy Cut Unveiling at Exclusive Event in London

Visionary inventor, Frank Brormann, took centre stage last weekend at the Ham Yard Hotel in London to officially introduce the UK hair industry to Calligraphy Cut.

Special guests, peers and industry icons attended the event, which showed not only the innovation behind Calligraphy Cut but also the passion driving its creators.

After an introduction from inventor, Frank Brormann, UK Artistic Director Ky Wilson demonstrated the Calligraphy Cut tool live on five diverse models. This was to showcase its versatility across different cuts and hair types. Ky’s enthusiasm for the tool was evident as he shared how it has reignited his passion for hairdressing. He commented how he saw it as a must-have in his stylist kitbag.

Next, industry icon Anthony Mascolo joined the stage alongside Frank, engaging in a candid interview. In this, he shared insights from his extensive career, the inspiration behind the new Calligraphy Cut collection and his genuine admiration for the tool.

“This event has not just been about introducing a tool,” added Frank. “It is about celebrating the artistry and innovation that define our industry. Together, we’re shaping the future of hairstyling.”


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