19 May 2024

Empowerment Collection by Danny Malone

The Empowerment Collection by Danny Malone is a nod to the past punk scene in the city of Belfast. It was a time when the country was falling apart with sectarian divides during the troubles.

The Empowerment Collection by Danny Malone reflects the punk subculture in Northern Ireland created a non-sectarian common ground for youngsters. “It articulated a rejection of violence and repression. This allowed people to have power and control of their own lives,” explains Danny. “It gave young people the empowerment to express themselves through punk subculture fashion while creating adventurous and fearless hairstyles. 

“Elevating these hairstyle concepts, I put my own futuristic twists on them by adding bold and bright stand-out colours. An interesting fact from the punk scene was if a person added a colour placement to a specific part of their hairstyle it symbolised that they were in a relationship. I wanted to highlight this fact by putting my own twist on the hairstyles I create.The inspirations behind my hairstyles came from buildings and landmarks in my beautiful city Belfast, Northern Ireland by adding strong structure, shape and movement to the haircuts to make the colour pop and stand out”

Hair & Styling: Danny Malone Make up: DJ Griffin  Photography: Lee Mitchell


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