21 June 2024

Antoinette Beenders: Crafting Beauty Beyond Hair

In the vibrant moment we live in the world of hairdressing, Antoinette Beenders stands as a paragon of innovation and artistic excellence.

Antoinette Beender’s recent accolades at the British Hairdressing Awards, the International Hairdressing Awards, the Hairbrained Video Awards and the AIPP Awards, along with her eye-catching collections and captivating shows, underscore her position as a leading figure in the industry.

Antoinette’s prowess and creativity were highlighted when, in collaboration with the awesome Spanish hair team X-Presion, they secured top awards with the A.P.O.H. collection at the British Hairdressing Awards –Best International Collection–, the Hairbrained Video Awards –Best Video of the Year– and the AIPP Awards –winners of the Best Color of the Year Award–. Her consistent excellence has also seen her being a finalist for International Hairdresser of the Year in both 2023 and 2024, a rare feat that showcases her sustained relevance and impact .

One of Antoinette’s most remarkable performances occurred at the Aveda Congress 2023 in Minneapolis, where she led the show “Knowledge of the Whole.” This event not only demonstrated her deep connection with Aveda’s philosophy –emphasizing a holistic approach to beauty– but also featured innovative uses of AI in her presentations, leaving the audience in awe.

Her collaborations with iconic fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Iris van Herpen have brought a fresh perspective to hair fashion. Particularly noteworthy is her recent holiday collection with Iris van Herpen for Christmas 2023. This collaboration produced a limited-edition range of hair accessories and gift packaging that beautifully married high style with Aveda’s commitment to sustainability.

To create the amazing hairstyles in this one-of-a-king holiday collection, Antoinette used the #hairkanvas board created by Jose Kumenhair, a famed hair artist from Spain. The results of the styles created with the #hairkanvas board are really awesome:

Antoinette reflects on her collaboration with van Herpen with fondness and respect, noting the synergy in their creative visions, their deep connection and mutual respect, and their shared emphasis on sustainability and craftsmanship.

With such a storied career and numerous accomplishments, Antoinette Beenders continues to redefine the boundaries of hairdressing. For instance in her latest ‘Astral’ collection, where she ingeniously employs AI-generated imagery for every facet of the collection, except for the model’s face and hair, in a collaborative effort with the multidisciplinary artist Ed Maximus.

Her ability to blend artistry with innovative techniques and environmental consciousness ensures that her work not only sets trends but also encourages a more sustainable and thoughtful approach to beauty. As she moves forward, the hairdressing community watches eagerly, anticipating her next innovative venture that is sure to dazzle and inspire.


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