19 July 2024

Sustain Beauty Co and Earth Month

Sustain Beauty Co is celebrating Earth Month in their signature pro-active style, making a difference little by little. How you can help.

Sustain Beauty Co is calling attention to the fact that Earth Month began as Earth Day in 1970. Since then it has grown into a global event. This growing concern prompted many to start questioning the impact of their day-to-day choices. They also wondered if their businesses are appealing to the eco-conscious new generation.

Valorie Tate

Beauty businesses are increasingly feeling pressure from growing numbers of more eco-minded clients,” said Valorie Tate of SBCo. “But, understandably, they are also concerned about investing both money, resources, and sometimes emotional effort, to make changes. So the SBCo community has helped develop the Sustainable Salon Checklist. This checklist shows it is possible to begin reducing your impact with simple, free or affordable changes. Sustainability is about building a stronger, better business for all your people.

The Sustainable Salon Checklist

One of the most downloaded sustainability resources of 2023 has been updated and re-released for Earth Month this April. The extended Sustainable Salon Checklist is curated by Sustain Beauty Co (SBCo) and features suggestions from hundreds of beauty artists, owners and providers. It now offers 125 tips and ideas to help businesses move towards greater sustainability. There are also another 18 bonus tips on how to communicate your eco-efforts to guests and team.

The free to download Sustainable Salon Checklist is packed with suggestions. These range from team initiatives, energy conservation, approaches to building and operations, waste solutions, wiser water use, ethical purchasing to communications and community-building. However, the two biggest changes any salon can make to reduce their impact on the planet and to protect their business remain better waste management and water conservation.

The best outcome from our first edition was that so many salons and stylists realized how sustainability and profitability are intrinsically linked,” added Valorie. “Simple changes like installing water-conserving ECOHEADS nozzles at the basin not only impress stylists and guests with softer water, it can slash water and energy use by as much as 65%, which comes right back to the bottom-line. So many of the suggestions are really cost effective.”

Download the Sustainable Salon Checklist for free on the Sustain Beauty Co website.

The Beauty Industry to Build Freshwater Well for African Village

Every stylist and beauty business owner investing in tools from Sustain Beauty Co over the past two years has contributed to a life-changing initiative that will soon bring fresh water to an impoverished African community.

Valorie Tate, who is also responsible for bringing ECOHEADS to North America, announced this month that the SBCo charity project Save Water. Give Water. has raised enough to install and educate a second community in an underserved area.

Despite the very real pressures and stresses we feel in our daily lives, we are so lucky that access to clean water is not one of them. Yet, this is a problem for over 785 million people worldwide and a top reason young women are being denied access to education,” said Valorie. “In less than two years, every single salon and stylist we have worked with has been part of this program. Now together we’ve been able to reach our goal, twice.

Every investment made when choosing our sustainable products makes a difference to someone in a developing country.”

Valori Tate

Sustain Beauty Co and salon owners making a difference

Every time an owner purchases an SBCo tool to save water and lessen their impact, like investing in the ECOHEADS spray nozzle or The Ping Color Mixer, they raise enough water to give a person drinking water for a year. Those holding a Scrummi sustainable towel subscription or the foil-alternative Paper Not Foil, provide enough to give someone water security for life.

In 2022, the beauty community built its first freshwater well for a village in El Salvador. Previously the only water available was a 15-minute walk away and infested with parasites. During the year before the well was built, three people had died with kidney failure. Many more, including young children, were ill. Providing clean water has helped the villagers thrive, giving tremendous spin-off benefits. Indeed, young women now enjoy improved education, which is proven to boost local economies.

Later this year, members of the SBCo community will fly out to the Kingdom of eSwatini to help build a well that will pump drinkable water directly into a village currently facing water scarcity pressures.

For more information on the Save Water. Give Water. program, visit https://sustainbeauty.co/thirst-project/


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