18 July 2024

The Skinfaded Quiff: the latest how-to from Wahl

The “Skinfaded Quiff” is what men who wish to express their personality and individuality through avant-garde style choose. See how you can recreate this look here!

This “Skinfaded Quiff” is what Barber Look 2023 created in collaboration with Jürgen Niederl, Wahl Ambassador. Men who wish to express their personality and individuality through avant-garde style choose the “Skinfaded Quiff”. This eye-catching style recalls the rebellious punks and is a true and self-styled declaration of freshness and individuality. The “Skinfaded Quiff” is a combination of two classic elements: the fade, where the back of the head and sides are cut extremely short or shaved. The characteristic quiff on top instead consists of longer hair styled boldly.

A collaboration of excellence

Surprisingly, Wahl Professional developed this look in collaboration with Wahl’s Jürgen Niederl (Holy Tiger Barbershop, Graz) and presents the style together with a step-by-step guide to enable barbers and stylists to recreate this look easily in their own salons.

Precision is everything! Because the fresh effect of the look can be obtained only with a perfect fade, precise contours, and the right cutting technique. The choice of the right tool is fundamental. “When it comes to my tools, I never stoop to a compromise,” explains Jürgen Niederl, Wahl Brand Ambassador. For the cut, he chose to use the Wahl Legend Cordless of the renowned Wahl 5 Star Edition range. The contouring came out perfectly thanks to the popular Wahl Detailer Cordless, equipped with a special T-shaped blade to achieve excellent precision in the details. The finishing touch was the drying and styling, when Niederl opted for the Wahl Barber Hair Dryer.

1-Define a horizontal line with the Wahl Legend Cordless.

2-Form a guideline three fingers above the ear.

3-Using the Legend Cordless, reduce the excess hair starting from the bottom and working up to the guideline.

4-Clean the lower area and shave as close to the scalp as possible. Then connect the shade with the upper line, first with the 3 mm comb and then with the blade open until the two section are completely connected.

5-Blend the upper lengths.

6-Clean the lower contour with the Detailer Li.

7-Comb downward and create an extended visual line forward for the quiff.

8-During an intermediate phase, use the Barber Dryer to dry the back until the hair remains straight.

9-With dry hair, use the “flat top” comb to cut a right angle. Use the Barber Dryer and the Vent Brush at a 90 degree angle to dry and get the extreme styling of the quiff by applying a pomade and oil.


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