19 May 2024

Pure Life Energy by Miriam Lewring

Renowned German hairstylist Miriam Lewring has once again set the bar high with the launch of her latest hairstyles collection.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail and innovative techniques, Miriam Lewring’s new collection is a vibrant celebration of color and precision that pushes the boundaries of traditional hairstyling. This season, Lewring introduces a palette of fabulous, expressive colors that capture the eye and ignite the imagination: each hue provides a dynamic range that complements the soft yet precise cuts characteristic of her style. Each haircut in the collection exhibits a harmonious blend of sharp graphic cutting techniques, creating styles that are both structured and effortlessly elegant.

The inspiration behind this striking collection comes from an unexpected yet heartfelt source—Lewring’s own son. His fascination with the vibrant and exaggerated worlds of manga and anime movies sparked Lewring’s creativity. This influence is vividly reflected in the hairstyles themselves, which are designed to appear almost three-dimensional, mirroring the bold and graphic nature of their animated inspirations.

Complementing the hairstyles is the makeup approach—subtle yet impactful. The makeup features pale bases that serve as a canvas, directing all attention to the eyes, which are emphasized with striking detail. This not only enhances the hair’s visual impact but also ties the entire aesthetic together, creating a look that’s both theatrical and deeply personal.

Miriam Lewring’s latest collection is not just a showcase of hairstyling artistry; it’s a narrative of personal inspiration turned into professional masterpiece, a testament to the power of familial bonds and cultural influences in driving creative expression.

Hair: Miriam Lewring @lewringhair
Photography: @marioschmitt74
Make-up: @isellcoke69
Models: @thefoxandthesquirrel @mariaaa.hrn @kempf.design @isellcoke69 @noireblur
Color & Products: @owayprofessionalgermany


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