26 September 2022


Fortitude: Amy Gaudie’s stunning collection

FORTITUDE reflects the ability to create a force to be reckoned with. And Amy Gaude is just such a creative force in hairdressing! Fortitude is the latest collection by UK born Amy Gaudie. Known as much for her professionalism, positivity and calmness under pressure as she is for her extraordinary artistic skills, these very same attributes have enabled her to gather such an impressive list of awards and accolades for creativity. Amy arrived in Australia in 2005, full of ambition and drive. And she has never looked back. Indeed, she herself represents Fortitude! As an outstanding cutter, colourist and stylist,...

Addicted Collection by Landry Agres

Social media was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Addicted Collection by Landry Agres. It's a starting point for technical skills and creativity. It's also motivational and inspires learning, which continues to fuel the passion for hairdressing. "With the Addicted Collection, as with all creative work, we first looked for ideas, then we chose a goal, and finally, we put it into practice. We thought about how to best perform each task. That is the part of the process during which you learn the most; new ideas can arise and you can generate even more motivation. Product knowledge and...

2022 International Hairdressing Awards Winners

The 2022 International Hairdressing Awards winners announcements took place during the world tour from 21st - 30th March. The winners in the five categories of the 2022 International Hairdressing Awards (IHAs) found out in a surprise reveal by Mikel Luzea, director and founder, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador of the awards. They have been travelling around the world together with their production team to personally announce the names of the award winners. The footage recorded during the world tour will form a TV docu-reality. The announcements were also streamed live via Instagram. The 2022 winners The winner in the Best...

Balance: haute hair couture as sculpture

Jasmin Hurskainen created this collection as a form of self-expression, finding ways to balance different shapes. By playing with proportions and technique, haute hair couture becomes sculpture. Avant-garde hair styling uses hair as an artistic medium. This is what Jasmin Hurskainen has accomplished with her collection aptly entitled "Balance". She transforms haute couture hair into modern sculptures, worthy of the fashion-forward VIPs vying to dominate the scene at the Met's Costume Institute Gala red carpet. Jasmin Hurskainen says she created this collection to express herself. "The purpose of creating this collection was to find a balance of...

115 Years of Long-Lasting Curls: The History and Rebirth of the Perm

In 2017, the perm turns 111 years old! A long way from the fleeting fate linked to the evolution of times and fashion, the perm has also been a major influence to the change of woman in society, and needs to find its way into salons without seeming like a flight back to the past.

Warrior of the Light by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros

The Warrior of Light Collection exemplifies the energy we carry within; a strength that is capable of endowing us with inordinate power and savage bravery to face what life throws at us. The headpieces in the Warrior of Light Collection by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros vindicate our personal power through their shape. They simulate the starbursts that also remind us of ancient deities. The result is a majesty which is also full of symbolism.hair salo Hair: Rafael Bueno Peluqueros Hair Assistant: Moises Utrera Photography & Post Production: Alberto Zaldivar Make-up: Lulú Pérez Styling: Julián . Products: Revlon Professional and Elegance Hair Extensions