25 April 2024

“Chequered” by Vann Studio

The “Chequered” collection embodies the return of classic, preppie styles with a new twist and unusual perspective.

The “Chequered” Collection by Vann Studio confirms that preppy fashion style is set to make a comeback this SS2024. “We’ve seen it come and go over the years, but now it’s back with a vengeance!“, reminds us Lisa Vann. “Classic pieces like plaid skirts, colorful sweaters, crisp men’s white shirts, loafers, blazers, and oxford shirts will all make an appearance in your wardrobe.  As seen on the runways by Mui Mui, Dior and Rokh.”

Then she mentions the obvious! “As stylists we love making a fun playful change in hair color, cuts and style.” She continued, “Adding fun fashion colors and patterns into the hair color or creating classic shags and baby bobs that have lots of flips and kicks.  Don’t forget about textured hair. A messy airy skewed shape is the way to go!”


  • Hair: Lisa Vann, Aspen Day-Flynn, Courtney McBride, Kylene Krueger, Hatsumi Futamura-Hernandez, Vann Studio Seattle WA
  • Make-up: Hannah Vann, Vann Studio Seattle WA
  • Photo: David Rossa Denver Co.


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