22 April 2024

Is The Hair Trend 2024 by Framesi: from Woman to Woman

Is The Hair Trend 2024 is the title of Framesi’s 2024 collection. It passionately and stylishly tells of 3 states of mind – Quiet, Reactive & Free – interpreted by three groups of hair artists: Italian Style Framesi, Energy and International.

All the choices and gestures made in our daily lives are closely linked to our state of mind. With this is in mind, Is The Hair Trend 2024 by Framesi focuses attention on the individual and their uniqueness. It accurately represents the concept of State of Mind, those sensations that provide answers to questions such as “Who am I? How do I feel now? What do I want?”.

Framesi’s three groups of stylists Italian Style Framesi, Italian Style Energy and Italian Style International – focus on and interpret 3 states of mind – attributable to three different types of women and whose hair choices give voice to the different nuances in their personalities: Quiet, Reactive & Free.


Quiet is the woman who has achieved the peace of mind that allows her to live without having to prove anything to others. In this trend, there is the affirmation of her past and her place in the world. There’s no need to go overboard to get noticed or to feel alive. A “quiet” look by Italian Style Energy remains faithful to its young and original DNA with the deconstructed bob, contrasted by geometric fringe. This contrast becomes even more evident in the colour choices, which range from brown to sunny yellow.

This sophisticated and elegantly soft style by Italian Style Framesi is super-feminine. The small fringe and the tufts of hair which cling to the nape of the neck also emphasise the personality.

 Italian Style International presents an airy cut created using a slicing technique which lightens the volume as well as adding a touch of unconventional freedom and elegance. The versatility of longer hair also complements variations in the style, which can be highlighted with colour.


In Is The Hair Trend 2024, Reactive is the rebellious one. it’s the one which who wants to make their voice heard when speaking out against society. Often but not always young, she says a firm NO to whomever is against her and her principles, but she passionately embraces the causes that are close to her heart.

Italian Style Energy translates the assertive and rebellious soul of the Reactive trend with a strong look. This strips long, blonde hair of any romanticism to make it alternative and edgy. The only concession to sweetness is a flash of pink on the ends.

A return to curls with Italian Style Framesi. Fashion rediscovers them in an almost ’80s revival. However, they are created with the taste of the Third Millennium: very soft, a little messy and free. Tailor-made curls and wave give unique movement and a healthy look to hair.

A look which oozes courage. The pixie cut oozes courage when it combines soft colour with gritty styling. This is Italian Style International’s proposal for the young, uninhibited woman, always faithful to an attitude of protest against the injustices and distortions of the world.


Free is the expression of femininity against all social constraints and prejudices. Sweet and romantic, or over the top, witty, but also sensual. Convinced of her own abilities and potential, she is the woman who feels free to be herself. Here is an look from Italian Style Energy which express fulfilment. Sharp lines combine harmoniously with a combination of warm and cool shading.

Total freedom for Italian Style Framesi, with a look for very long hair sporting a naturally vibrant three-dimensional wave of shadow & light. Totally free, not only in body, but also in mind.

Think beyond the imaginable – another interpretation of freedom from Italian Style International. Every woman in the world will fall in love with this soft, wavy bob. Its full, intense and deliberately exaggerated hue is possible with the full complicity and artistic flair of the colourist.

Some backstage imagery during the creation of the Is The Hair Trend 2024 collection:

Is The Hair Trend
Is The Hair Trend

Is The Hair Trend 2024 Credits:

Project Coordinator: Patrizia Caldera
Shoot Coordinator: Container Communication
Hairstylists:Italian Style Energy, Italian Style Framesi, Italian Style International
Make-up Artist: Silvia Dell’Orto
Photographer: Karel Losenicky
Creative Agency: E-motion Milano
Art Directors: Elisabetta Bongiasca. Jelena Miskin
Fashion Consultants: Ilaria Pizzoferrato – Paolo Lungo
Copywriters: Ilaria Pizzoferrato – Patrizia Annovazzi
Press Agency: Sintesi.Biz


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