1 October 2022

Hair Color Emergency! Ombré Gone Wrong

It is a hair emergency – an ombré has gone horribly wrong and a professional is needed to save the day! Deanna Hughes, stylist at Di Rosa Haircare, was the lucky stylist who turned the disaster to desirable and probably won a client over for life.

Our new guest came in on a whim hoping that we could accommodate her. She went to another salon the night before and asked for an ombré, and this is what she received. She was ready to cry, so I knew I had to ask many questions to gain her trust and ensure that I could meet her expectations,” says Hughes.

Hughes advises asking the following questions to clarify the goal of a color correction service:

  1. 1. When was your last color service?
  2. 2. What is it that you dislike the most about your hair?
  3. 3. Is there anything you do like about your hair?
  4. 4. What products are you using at home?
  5. 5. How often can you come into the salon for maintenance?


It’s very important not to over promise when doing color correction. The old saying, “under promise and over deliver” is always good to keep in mind,” adds Hughes. “And, explain to the guest that sometimes a color correction can take one or two sessions before it’s perfect. The key factor is keeping the integrity of the hair in tack more than anything.”


  1. Step 1: Goldwell Topchic on roots only 40 ml 20 vol 20 ml 5n 20 ml 4g
  2. Step 2: Carefully ombré with Silk Lift and 20 vol developer in order to remove some of the orange pigment that was still left in hair shaft (even out the pallet). Using a board to really ensure coverage and saturation. Trying not to overlap the blonde and at the same time blend the harsh line that was created.
  3. Step 3: Whatever blonde that was left out of foils was then filled with Goldwell Colorance Soft Color 7g then covered with same as roots 10 vol 4g and 5n
  4. Step 4: After process time, shampoo and apply Goldwell Colorance Core 40ml core lotion 10 ml 7bg 10ml 8na



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