23 April 2024

Rogue Academy – back to the future in education

Rogue Academy – the team of Michael Haase, Hans Beers and J’roen Gelderblom – are organizing another 2-day full immersion in Amsterdam in March.

“Rogue” is indeed the name they shamelessly chose for themselves. Boosted by the success of their November lessons, the team consisting of Michael Haase, Hans Beers and J’roen Gelderblom is offering another 2-day intensive live cutting, coloring, and styling course in Amsterdam. We asked Michael for more details about their philosophy and approach to learning.

How did you decide on the name “Rogue”?

From the beginning we knew we were onto something that set us apart from the rest of the herd. So, Rogue, was what came to mind. We wanted to do something different in a world of education dominated by an entertainment approach and uncertain outcomes, in some cases without direction.

It is not about learning a haircut or color. It’s about learning the craft that helps you understand your own growth to excellence. We wanted to offer something better than a world of “it’s ok, I’ll get by” kind of thinking.

What did you glean from your mentors?

We at Rogue all take great pride in who we studied with: Vidal Sassoon, Annie Humphreys, John Sahag – just to name a few. These mentors gave us the insight on how to translate someone’s skills and improve by adjusting techniques.

You can’t be an artist until you are a hairdresser. And we can guide you down that path.

– Michael Haase

How do you transfer what you learned from them into your courses?

The old school may be in the past, but Rogue is convinced that learning from an old school master is better than learning from someone juggling scissors and celebrating being “self- taught”. Training to be able to help others is crucial. There is something to be said for gaining skills over time in comparison to the quick fixes of learning within a few seconds.  Of course Rogue understands the need to make money and learn quickly. But the study of hairdressing is its own accomplishment and a lifelong journey. Hairdressing is a lifestyle.

What specializations is Rogue offering this time around?

Rogue offers a personal approach to each student. Figuring out each student’s needs within the first few minutes allows individual and customized training for each one. Discussion, observation and targeting skill set allows us to relate to the students in their desire to improve.

Rogue covers cutting to color to styling, photo shoots, avante garde and competition. Everything is available for this custom class. All the students have to do is let us know where to help. Sometimes we can watch them and help them see more clearly where help might be needed. 

Do you assess the students’ needs before the course?

As a team, Rogue explores every possible technique for the student. Before the class, we have a Zoom session with attendees to create a bespoken experience. In this way we can be prepared for what each individual needs to succeed in the class.

Personalization is in our future. We are determined to help hairdressers become artists. It is like when we have our assistants by our side, learning each day as we continue with this great craft.  

ROGUE ACADEMY – March Program

Sunday March 24:
Morning: Look & Learn (midlength and short)
Afternoon: Hands on, including styling, personalizing, finishing

Monday March 25:
Morning: Look & Learn, including color
Afternoon: Hands on, including color, styling, personalizing, finishing

If there were a zoom meeting a week before the training, in which you could indicate what you specifically need, wouldn’t that be nice?

We will process your questions during the training sessions! The Zoom meeting will be on Monday evening, March 18. Anyone who registers for one or both days will receive an invitation to Zoom. 

SET.ON kappers
Marktplein 40, 2691 BV ‘s-Gravenzande, Netherlands

Michael Haase – Top Star Hairstylist and Educator
Jeroen Gelderblom – Master Barber – phone +31(0)625486600
Hans Beers– Master Stylist and educator – phone +31(0)629576576
More info: www.hansbeers.nl/nieuws
To register: info@hansbeers.nl


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