24 May 2024

Alternative Hair Show 2014: Artistic Equilibrium

The 32nd Alternative Hair Show ‘Equilibrium’ took place on Sunday 12th October at 8pm at The Royal Albert Hall, London, celebrating the artistry and pure creativity of hairdressing teams from across the globe.

The event also raised much needed funding for ‘Fighting Leukaemia’ –a charity founded by Tony and Maggie Rizzo– to support Leukaemia sufferers, primarily children and their families.    

With sponsors Denman, Revlon Professional, ghd, Anthony & Pat Foundation, TIGI, Wella and Parlux at the helm of this wonderful event, the evening raised more than US$ 340,000 for the charity.  

Dedicating the show to the late Renato Brunas, Host Linda Evans welcomed a line up of Anne Veck, Mahogany, Saco, Sanrizz, Sassoon, TIGI Creative Team,Toni&Guy from the UK, Bundy Bundy from Austria, Dmitry Vinokurov from Russia, é Salon from Australia, Fehringer from Austria, Gerry Santoro, Class and Gogen from Italy, Klaus Peter Ochs from Germany, Kohsuke Visual Network from Japan, Laszlo Hajas from Hungary, Petra Mechurova from Czech Republic and for Paul Mitchell, Robert & Angus from USA who attracted and entertained the 5,000 strong audience.      

Visionary Awards 2014

The prolific platform also played host to the Visionary Awards sponsored by TIGI. It’s the brainchild of Alternative Hair, President Anthony Mascolo, who commented: “The award was created to encourage and identify new talent, giving hairdressers the opportunity to show their artistry on stage in their own show, as part of the Alternative Hair programme.” Marking a new era this year, there were 2 new categories namely Cut&Colour and Avant-Garde. With more than 500 entries received, the 32 finalists presented an exciting mix of creative and avant-garde hairstyling. Anthony added: “Introducing the commercial cut and colour section to the Visionary Awards has taken the competition to a new level. We have seen some beautiful colours and great techniques.” Winners of the award who are invited to present at the Alternative Hair Show in 2015 were: Rossa Danagher from Ireland for the Cut&Colour category and Pawel Babicz from Poland for Avant-Garde category

AIPP Awards 2014

The AIPP Awards is a hairdressing photographic and presentation contest, that saw 5 awards categories presented by Estetica Network Publisher, Roberto Pissimiglia. Receiving the AIPP Legendary Award was Annie Humphreys who dedicated the award to her late friend Renato Brunas. The AIPP Commercial Award was presented to Vivienne MacKinder from USA. The AIPP Avant-Garde Award went to Chie Sato @ Toni&Guy UK. The AIPP Photographic Award went to X-Presion in Spain and the Best Men Award went to D&J Ambrose from the UK. Finally the AIPP Best Video went to Klaus Peter Ochs in Germany.

For a full report of the AIPP Awards, click here!

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough



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