30 May 2023

Nu-Pop by Sassoon – This is Hair Design!

Nu-Pop – where the ramshackle grunge of rock god Kurt Cobain meets the catwalk chic of sixties supermodel Peggy Moffit. When such oppositional looks are cut up and re-assembled, a nu vibe emerges that couldn’t give a damn.

In the sixties, Sassoon dreamt hair in geometry; squares, triangles, oblongs and trapezoids, the basis from which came his most iconic haircut, the Five Point. Today this revolutionary cut provides the focus for three Nu-Pop looks.

Nu-Op, inspired by the Op artist Bridget Riley, has tight, form-fitting shapes with defined graphic outlines and beveled edges. Nu-Scene takes the primary colours of YSL’s Mondrian dress and mixes skinny undercutting with looser shapes. Nu-Psych uses the Sassoon house codes to subvert the sixties hippie into a real, youthful cool.

Iconic colour techniques from Sassoon’s history of Shape & Balance, shine lines and freehand create a loosened-up cool. The methodical sectioning of Nu-Op generates irregular patterns of modern monotone from dark brown through to navy. Nu-Scene is a salute to the comic book imagery of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, using a range of reds from soft coral and copper through to crimson. Nu-Psych mixes structured sectioning techniques with freehand to create a fresh, painterly effect using varying tones of dusty pink and muted lavender.


  • Credits
    Hair: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
    Color: The International Creative Team led by Peter Dawson
    Make up: Daniel Koleric
    Styling: Lucie Perrier
    Photo: Colin Roy


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