30 November 2021

Video Alert! ColorWorx HOW-TO: Technicolor Magic on Textured Hair by Guy Tang

In this video, color guru and IG sensation Guy Tang takes a model with highly textured, naturally colored hair, and easily transforms her to a magenta/violet jewel using IGORA ColorWorx from Schwarzkopf Professional – learn HOW-TO!

Why Guy Tang LOVES ColorWorx:

  1. Easy Application: Colorworx is a direct dye so no mixing necessary. Feeling daring? Apply with hands (with gloves of course) for the ultimate control during color application.
  2. Mix & Match: Unlike other direct dyes, ColorWorx can be mixed with permanent dyes and pigment will survive.
  3. Customization: intensify, correct, dilute or customize color by mixing IGORA ColorWorx.
  4. Simplifies the Blending Process: Instead of applying permanent dye, blowdrying, then blending with direct dye, ColoWorx can be applied right over permanent dye to create a seamless blend.

ColorWorx is available in RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET, PINK, and WHITE and is available at all Schwarzkopf Professional Partner Salons.


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