19 July 2024

How to Achieve Perfect Curls

Unlock the secret to flawless curls with Ahsley Brown’s How-To on achieving perfect curls through Wash-N-Go techniques tailored for all hair types.

Watch HERE as Ashley Brown, Sam Villa Ambassador, Mizani Artist and Owner of Cheveux Salon @ash_hairbarbie, unlocks the secret to creating flawless glossy defined, perfect curls on 4 different curl types – #6/Coils, #5/Very Curly, #4 Curly and #3/Wavy.   

Wash-n-go looks are based on taking natural texture and enhancing it by giving definition to waves, curls or coils,” says Brown. The techniques she uses are very similar with slight adaptations for each type.

Ashley Brown says it’s important to know that if hair looks dry and frizzy before styling, it will always look dry and frizzy. “You need to really saturate hair with enough water to create a foundation for the product to enable it to close the cuticle, define the curl pattern and hold it that way,” she explains.


  1. Wash with Mizani Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner to add moisture and help detangle.  Then start at the ends and work up the hair strand with a Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush to detangle.
  1. Spray Mizani 25 Miracle Milk on mids to ends (or emulsify in hands and apply) and work through.
  1. Use dry sectioning clips to hold sections out of the way that are not being worked on.  Section size will depend on hair density.  If it a section is too large, dense and thick, it won’t allow for even distribution of moisture and product. 
  1. Hair must be wet when defining curl – continually spray each section with a Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle until it’s soaking wet before applying styling products.
  1. Apply product for each texture type by pushing it into the strand to fully coat hair and compress the cuticle.  Tighter textures need product at the root as well, otherwise it will get frizzy.
  1. #6/Coils: Mizani Coil Stretch Cream – this hair type shrinks, so don’t scrunch at the roots.
  2. #5/Very Curly: Mizani Foam Wrap 
  3. #4 Curly: Mizani Curl Enhancing Lotion
  4. #3/Wavy: Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion – since this is a looser curl pattern, use larger sections and a bit less product.  Layer Coco Dew on top for more volume and grip.
  1. Do not disturb sections already styled while working on others.  Hold a new section in one hand, spray with water to saturate, apply product and brush against hand as to not disturb the section below it.  One pass with a 9 Row Finishing Brush gives great separation and definition.  Scrunch with hands and let set.  Hair can be pinched and lifted gently at the root/crown for more volume.
  1. Blow dry with a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer with diffuser on high heat, and low air.  Oscillate all around the head to set product and then tilt head forward, right, left, and back until 80% dry, never touching the hair with hands, just the diffuser.

This is a winning technique that consistently delivers beautifully defined, perfect curls and waves,” says Brown. “And if you need to practice, the Pivot Point Multi-Texture Quad Mannequin comes with 4 different texture types which allows you to master each without having to wait for an actual model or person to sit in your chair with each texture type.” 

Credits: Hair/Ashley Brown; Photographer/Brigette Doby @b.cherie_creative; MUA: Mahogany Tate @cosm0e. 


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