19 May 2024

Aviary Chroma Collection – A Feathered Tapestry by Bobbi Zmiewsky

The Aviary Chroma Collection takes its inspiration from regular visits to aviaries and the stunning array of colours they display.

The Aviary Chroma Collection by Bobbi Zmiewsky celebrates the kaleidoscope of iridescent blues, vibrant greens and fiery reds found in the feathers of peacocks, parrots, and other tropical birds. The shape and styling mirrors the intricate patterns and textures of exotic plumage. Radiant colours on a natural base combined with strong silhouettes, evoke the stunning vibrant beauty of exotic birds in flight and remind us of the boundless inspiration of nature’s palette.

Hair: Bobbi Zmiewsky Photography: Chrystofer Benson Styling: Hannah Leigh Make-up: Joslin Dores Images: FPA


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