19 July 2024

The New Barberology

The new barberology means innovative clipper & coloring techniques for every gender, generation and sub-culture of your clientele. 

The new barberology still means the best in men’s grooming, but is now trending towards inclusiveness. Indeed, innovative clipper and coloring techniques can provide any gender, generation and sub-culture of your clientele the unique look they are looking for.

Confidence Built Through Hair Collection

Andis North American Artistic Team Lead, Kenny Duncan, uses barbering to boost the confidence of renowned artists, athletes and actors right before they share their magic with the world. The common denominator in his experiences with his celebrity clients is that they all perform with more passion when they feel good. Why? Because they know they look good. Kenny Duncan bottled up that same magic in this Confidence Built Through Hair Collection comprised of confidence-boosting haircutting tutorials that apply to the everyday person. This collection of lifestyle photography, storytelling reels and tutorials features modern, classic styles for a variety of curl patterns.

Kenny worked with L Wright Photography to capture images of people at their best. Images feature the models feeling confident after their haircut transformations. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things after experiencing confidence-building haircuts! These hairstyles set the tone for greatness before work, school, sporting events and a date night. Four curl patterns are featured in this collection and all five trending haircut tutorials were created with a mix of professional-grade Andis tools.

Whether it’s a music artist on stage in front of thousands of people or the average person going out on that special first date, feeling good about your hair and the confidence that creates can be a game changer,” says Kenny. “This collection is all about inspiring that confidence in your clients and the difference that can make for them.

Barber A-Rod’s winning sweep

In 2024 Global Ambassador @ babylissprobarber, Yadiel A Rodriguez, aka A–Rod deservedly nabbed the Barbering category both at NAHA and at the ABS Global Image Awards. And perhaps the most unexpected aspect of his wins is that his barbering model was a woman! And well – why not? After all, hair has no gender and there are many cuts, colors and styles that can work for anyone – but if you want tight fades, a tattoo or precision coloring, sculpting or a flat-top, above all you want a barber with top-notch skills. Mastering barbering skills is also necessary in order to offer full services, like shaves, massages, and skin care. So, as always, get the best education available with hands-on training and invest in the best precision tools on the market. 

The new barberology with one battery, unlimited tools

A craftsman is only as good as his tools – so settle for nothing but the best. BaBylissPRO FXONE System is a versatile and efficient one-battery system that seamlessly interchanges among three distinct collections: The FXONE LoPRO Collection, the FXONE Gold Collection, and the FXONE Black Collection. The FXONE System is designed for professionals seeking flexibility, efficiency, and superior performance in their grooming tools. The interchangeable lithium battery pack, allows barbers to effortlessly switch from clipper to trimmer to shaver, providing a truly seamless and customizable grooming experience. 

Genderless barberology

A couple of years ago a whimsical “jellyfish” cut was making the rounds, sported by none other than Nicole Kidman! The bob part of the hair cut looked like the umbrella-shaped bell whereas the longer strands emulated the trailing tentacles. If anyone has ever run into Pelagia noctiluca in the Mediterranean, you know that Charlie Price nailed it!

Chaos & Control
Hair: Charlie Price@charliepricehair
Photo: Hardy Klahold@hardysphotos
Makeup: Michelle Martinez

Like A-Rod’s barbered women, we love Charlie’s choice of color combo and cut on this muscle-shirted model. Why not?! One might think that this is an extraordinary editorial look, but perhaps not so commercially viable in the salon. But once again, the point is that hair is genderless, so this look would also work on female clientele. Charlie is inspiring us to think outside the box, to work with an almost iridescent palette on what is essentially combination of an undercut bowled bob with a shaggy overlay. Today’s men are open to blending or even covering greys. Some – especially younger generations – are even opting for more fashion-forward color services, with shaved or faded sides and back and fluo crowns. Unless a guy is enlisting, there are no more rules – so they can be whoever they want to be. 

Dana Cash for Eufora: when less is more

National Trainer + Artistic Design Team @euforainternational, Dana Cash caters to a younger demographic in her latest collection. This tight fade and tousled top is perfectly light yet stylish for summertime freedom. Men’s hair has become more natural overall. Wearing their natural texture, growing out length (and not always just the top) and keeping color natural and soft. Think muted highlights,” advises Dana. “Beards will take the same trend. although still trimmed and shaped, facial hair will have a more lived in feel without the harsh straight edge lines.” 


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