21 July 2024

Pro Tip for Cutting Bobs by Sami Skinner

It was a game changer with my bobs when I started to take into account the ear and my body position,“ explains Sami Skinner.

Sometimes if you’re trying to create strong horizontal lines and you’re not directly in front of your section, over direction can happen. Not a bad thing, but if you’re looking to have a strong line it will create length in the opposite direction from where you’re standing,” explains Sami Skinner, Sam Villa Ambassador @samiskinnerhair

For this Italian Bob, Skinner says, “A Sam Villa Streamline Series Shear is great because the shear responds to the slightest input from you, it’s perfect for precise cutting.”

Pro Tips

  1. To prevent the hole behind the ear, leave out the 2 panels behind the ears and create a horizontal subsection right above each ear.
  1. Don’t cut the entire nape by itself because the amount of density changes right at the ear… pressing into the neck may cause a little bit of a dent and too much length being removed.   
  1. With this Italian Bob, elevation slightly off the neck is needed to create a little bit of flip when dried.
  1. Don’t worry about those little pieces that flip out and come out from under the neckline. Dry and style hair, have the guest look down and then go in and add texture and get rid of those little bits.

I’m so happy this Italian Bob shape is in, it’s adorable!” adds Skinner. “And if you’ve ever taken a class from me, you know that combining intuition with principles is my motto!

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