8 December 2023

Size Matters! Discover the NEW Bed Head by TIGI Volume Collection!

The NEW Bed Head by TIGI Volume Collection puts the power of big, bold volume into your hands via four professionally formulated products. The products have expertly engineered technology that creates cutting edge volume like never before without weighing hair down.

The next generation of volume styling is all about massive, textured, rough and messy styles and this range provides this specific type of volume that can be seen and felt.

At Bed Head® they know size matters. Bed Head® clients are bold thrill seekers — they get a buzz from hair with massive volume that shouts excitement and confidence. So, we’re going for FULLY LOADED™, TIGI’s expertly engineered wash and care range and two new superstar stylers: BIG HEAD™ and FULL OF IT™ – for bigger, bolder, braver styles.

Bed Head by TIGI’s most advanced volumizing wash and care range, FULLY LOADED Massive Volume Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioning Jelly create fearless volume, giving hair the perfect head start. As you wash, the shampoo releases its innovative technology into hair to give you volume you can see and feel! It is also packed with expertly engineered UPLOADER™ technology, giving hair ‘volume memory’ as it dries so that the body and volume created is ‘remembered’ throughout the day. You just need to push hair back up to rebuild the shape, it’s that simple!

Continue with FULLY LOADED Volumizing Conditioner Jelly, bursting with fiber-thickening technology to swell the actual fibers, making them thicker and fatter without compromising on conditioning power. FULLY LOADED™ is packed with thickening and moisturizing benefi ts in one amazing formula. Together, UPLOADER™ shampoo and FULLY LOADED™ conditioner make hair ready to up the style factor.

For next generation volume styling, the TIGI® International Creative Team envisions big styles that are textured and messed up. Together with Bed Head® R&D, they’ve created BIG HEAD Volume Boosting Foam. This is going to be huge! It not only preps hair for long-lasting style retention with texture, but also gives fiber on fiber friction for fuller, thicker looking hair. Once hair is loaded with all the volume it can take, the final step is to lock it in place with FULL OF IT Volume Finishing Spray to provide firm, flexible hold, to keep every bold, brave style intact.

Check out Bed Head®’s latest campaign shoot for looks to inspire you and your clients, layering the new styling superheroes BIG HEAD™ and FULL OF IT™ with the ever-popular Superstar range. Bed Head by TIGI’s giving you the freedom to freestyle textured volume styles in true Bed Head® spirit!

FULLY LOADED™ Shampoo SRP: $15.50
FULLY LOADED™ Conditioner SRP: $16.50
FULL OF IT™ Hairspray SRP: $22.99
BIG HEAD™ Foam SRP: $22.99


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