4 December 2021

Creating True Beauty: PS Lifestyle announces launch of Truist Skin Care

PS Lifestyle, LLC, a national leader in providing exceptional amenity services and lifestyle experiences to seniors, their families and caregivers, is happy to announce the launch of the Truist® skin care brand.

Truist has a very different positioning and performance versus traditional brands that claim unrealistic “anti-aging” benefits. Truist Skin Care dares to be honest and real. The brand’s mission focuses on what matters most – to provide truthful, results-oriented products that support the health and wellbeing of skin throughout its life cycle. We do this through a combination of performance-driven natural ingredients, and the best science and technology has to offer.

Truist celebrates the true beauty of each woman that shines through healthy and fit skin. Truist focuses on the needs and wants of women, especially those over 50, who do not want false promises but rather effective, exceptional products that contain carefully selected, safe active ingredients that deliver the results they promise.

The Truist product range is succinct and intuitive; containing everything one’s skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. The formulas were developed over a 3-year period by a renowned international R&D team, and provide a fine balance of scientifically enabled delivery systems with hydration-rich organic and natural pharmaceutical-grade ingredients designed to cleanse, nourish, care and protect the skin you are in today and maintain it for the future.

It is clinically proven to increase hydration, strength, firmness and resilience of skin – the telltale signs of skin’s true wellbeing.

Truist Skin Care contains some extremely rare and unique ingredients, which have never before been available in the U.S. All the natural ingredients are responsibly grown and harvested, meeting the most stringent international standards. 

They include:

OMEGABLUE® – Bilberries grow only in the Northern forests of Europe and must be harvested by hand.  They are very rich in essential fatty acids and produce this exceptional soothing and hydrating ingredient.

HYLASOME ® EG-10 – Truist’s most powerful moisturizing agent with 5x the water-binding capacity of Hylauronic Acid AND improves the condition of skin’s hydration over time.

CHRONOCYCLIN® – Helps nourish and defend skin against environmental stresses.

ECOFFEA® – From green coffee beans, this incredible powerhouse ingredient helps energize dull, drab skin.

XILOGEL – Extract of tamarind tree seeds is an intense moisturizer that helps firm and strengthen skin.

Truist Skin Care is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive, fragile skin. It does not contain parabens, artificial colorants or dyes, formaldehyde donor, preservatives, phthalates, alcohol, sulfates or animal-derived ingredients. We do not test on animals.

Truist Skin Care has 3 categories:  Cleanse, Nourish, Care & Protect. 

• Skin Calming Cleaner (4.0/12.0 oz)
• Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (1.5/4.0 oz)

• Moisturizing and Strengthening Serum (1.5/4.0 oz)
• Intensive Overnight Moisturizing Lotion (1.5/4.0 oz)
• Skin Nourishing Body Milk Lotion (4.0/12 oz)
• Intensive One-Step Moisturizing and Conditioning Socks (1-pair)
• Intensive One-Step Moisturizing and Conditioning Gloves (1-pair)

Care & Protect:
• Sunscreen Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (1.5/4.0 oz)
• Skin Calming Comfort Serum (1.5/4.0 oz)
• Skin Tonal Balancing Serum (1.5/4.0 oz)

Price range is $4.99 – $43.99.

PS Lifestyle’s mission is to enhance the Senior experience “one person at a time”, at Senior Living communities nationwide by transforming existing salons and spas into a more viable resource by offering renovation upgrades and products and services specific to the needs of residents and their families. PS Lifestyle offers only the highest quality products and will offer Truist through their salons and spas, direct sales channels and affiliates, as well as other retail and online outlets.

We are delighted to be launching Truist Skin Care. This range has been years in the making and the results speak for themselves. Truist® is a powerful, results-oriented skin care regime that, with continued use, helps improve skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration, which ultimately translates to vibrant, healthy skin at every age,” commented John Polatz, CEO, PS Lifestyle.

For more information on Truist® Skin care please visit truist.pslifestyle.com or contact Jack Elliot at JackElliot@pslifestyle.com or 920-585-0622


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