2 June 2023

Charlie Price Fights for Immigrants – Puts on a Hair Show!

This month ten salons, eight of which are Hispanic, celebrated Latino Culture by raising funds and awareness for and organization aimed at low-wage immigrant workers with a hair-and-fashion show organized by internationally acclaimed hairstylist Charlie Price.

After watching an episode of Al Jazeera’s ‘Borderland‘, the famous beauty professional could not stand by as children crossing the border through Mexico today suffer through difficulties and injustice. Price grew up in 80’s with two Cuban girls, and has a lot of friends who are undocumented. These characters that filled his life in positive ways –as well as his Mexican-American boyfriend– inspired him to not just cringe about the realities for immigrants, but to put on a show, just for them.

Price said he is interested in changing the demonizing of immigration. This was the prime motivation behind his research, which led him to Centro Humanitario. This institution is Colorado’s only center aimed at promoting the rights and well-being of low-wage workers. Sarah Shikes is the chief operating officer for Centro Humanitario and worked with Price on the event. What the organization needed the most was to spread their message, and so Price got word to his inner circle.

How does a hairstylist fight for a low-wage worker? With hair and a fashion show, of course. The event was called ‘Historias‘, as a beacon to every story of each immigrant that has entered our country, in the past and the present. The themes of the fashion show are a tribute to Latinos, including Price’s own inspiration of the late Mexican actor Ricardo Montalbán. The funds will be donated directly to Centro Humanitario.

Check out the incredible video featuring Historias here!


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