16 July 2024

Design inspiration for hair salons: 10 IG accounts to follow

A tour amidst the Instagram accounts that can be a source of design inspiration for the hair salons. From sector professionals to interior suggestions.

Instagram, together with Pinterest, is one of the most prolific sources of inspiration when speaking about design. There is an influencer, an export, a hashtag for every style or need. So here is our selection of 10 IG accounts can be a source of design inspiration for the hair salons, drawing on professional as well as extra-sector channels, precisely because inspiration can be found anywhere.

Salon Design Interior

A collection of inspiration for the salon designed to nourish the hairdressing community with a variety of contributions. An eye for color, for the latest trends, and illumination. A tour of this account every now and then can be pleasantly surprising.


A showroom-gallery in Boston that collects works created by emerging and creative designers. Although its not dedicated to the hairdressing sector, it does gather a vast series of ideas, from furnishing accessories to atmosphere, that can be very useful for a salon.

Leading salons of the world

The IG account of the association that gathers together quality salons worldwide. They meet specific requirements for excellence in service but also in design. Inspiration is guaranteed.

Guy Sarlemijn Design

In the hairdressing sector, this is a well-known name as he has in fact worked for several years with numerous hair brands, lending salons a sophisticated, contemporary, and elegant atmosphere.

Patricia Urquiola

An architect of international renown, Patricia Urquiola has embarked on several collaborations, also with coiffure brands. This is why we call attention to her IG account, a source of design information for the hairdressing salon above all when it comes to furnishing: armchairs, divans, coffee tables, carpets, textiles for curtains and upholstery…

Jennifer Hagler

Jennifer Hagler is a USA-based interior designer and blogger. If you love a minimalist style, you’re in the right place. Jennifer proposes inspiration with a basic style, with a penchant for white and black. In her photos, she succeeds in reconstructing a relaxing atmosphere, also while suggesting combinations and arrangements for winning layouts. Oriented to the home, it is also an excellent source for waiting areas, retial, and beauty areas of the salon.


One of the designs trends of the moment, the japandi just had to have a dedicated hashtag. Similar to Jennifer Hagler’s selections, this style is based on minimalism with a Scandinavian flair and Japanese austerity. Perfect for the home, but also for the salon.

Interiors 1980s

And if we want to give free rein to our passion for the 1980s, this account suggests interior solutions that interpret the most audacious and playful spirit of that decade, without compromising on quality.

Nova Esthetica

Nova Esthetica collects the latest trends and new avant-garde movements of design; pastel colors and minimalist graphics, with beauty as the common thread.


Let’s close this round-up with an institution that has been around for years, marking and setting trends by indicating the color of the year. A visit to this account is design inspiration for hairdressing salons not only for the trendiest colors to be used and their relative matches, but also as a window on ongoing trends and social feelings worldwide.


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