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Introducing J Carter Men – A Natural Revolution in Men's Hair Care & Grooming

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 17:31

Welcome to J Carter Men: a high-performance, natural line of hair care and grooming products for today’s urban, style-savvy, socially-conscious man.

J Carter Men is the innovation of Jane Carter, Founder and CEO of Jane Carter Solution, a leader in natural, textured hair solutions. J Carter Men is designed to address the needs and wants of men with diverse hair textures and styles.

This results-driven brand combines the finest natural and vegan ingredients and supports an individual’s look and lifestyle. J Carter for Men truly supports the tag #HairStyleForMyStyle

The J Carter Men’s range includes the following products:

Wave Krave – Smoothing Pomade: Creates shine & defines waves.
Apply directly to wet or dry hair. Brush to define & add shine to your waves. Reduces dry scalp. Follow up with Mane Tame or Heal and Hydrate for extra shine.

Texture X-Tra – Cream Gel: Reduces frizz & defines curls for super tight curly hair.
Apply to super wet hair to define curl. If applying to dry hair, first reactivate your curls with Drench Curl Hydrator.

Mane Tame –Spray Shine: Creates shine & restores dry hair & scalp.
Spray on dry hair daily to restore shine and soften course hair. Can be used on dry skin and beards.

Heal + Hydrate –Scalp Oil: Restores dry scalp & reduces dandruff.
Use Heal + Hydrate directly on your scalp daily to reduce dryness and control dandruff. Great for use on dry beards.

Drench –Curl Activator: Reactivates & moisturizes curls.
Spray daily to reactivate and rehydrate curls. Follow up with Curl Up to define your curls and Curl Krush or Texture X-Tra to control and seal in style.

Curl Up –Liquid Gel: Defines curls & creates shine.
Apply Curl Up to wet hair. Pour Curl Up into the palm of your hand and apply. Follow up with Texture X-Tra or Curl Krush to seal in your curls.

Curl Krush –Cream Gel: Reduces frizz & defines curl for medium textured curly hair.
Apply to super wet hair to define curl. If applying to dry hair, first reactivate your curls with Drench Curl Hydrator.

This line has been a labor of love for me as I am surrounded by a diverse group of young men in my life who have never had a product range that speaks to their needs, lifestyle and what they want in a men’s hair and grooming range. There is a definite void in the men’s hair and grooming market that I am addressing. My background is as a stylist and I have known and worked with many exceptional barbers and stylists. This range delivers the immediate results they need for their clients and allows them to better service the at-home needs of their clients as well,” commented Jane Carter.

All products retail for $9.99 and can be found online at www.JCARTERMEN.COM

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