30 November 2021

Joico artists’ best pieces of advice to repair Summer hair problems

Do your tresses need summer triage? Joico’s got the perfect prescription for getting locks healthy, shiny, and positively lustrous….

The Challenge: Your gorgeous hair-color’s fading fast. Blonde hair turns yellow and loses its clarity and sparkle; reds fade and lose their luster; and brunettes begin to look dull and flat.

The Fix: Protective products – yes. Heat stylers – no! “You’ve invested in gorgeous color at the salon, so it only makes sense to go the distance and invest in good shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that offer protection from the elements,” explains Joico International Artistic Director, Damien Carney, who loves K-PAK Color Therapy and Sulfate-Free Color Endure for their ability to keep molecules in the hair and help maintain vibrancy. Styling pro Emma Shehan also adds a 5-minute K-PAK RevitaLuxe treatment once a week to protect hair color up to 94 percent, and leave locks ultra-healthy. As for those flat irons and curling wands? Avoid them like the plague in summer, warns Damien: “With every use, you’re literally zapping the moisture right out of each strand and burning your hair over the long haul.”

The Challenge: Thanks to summer humidity, you’ve got a case of the frizzies. Doesn’t matter how laboriously you’ve blown out your hair to a gleaming finish; for those with natural texture, simply walking outside can undo all your hard work in an instant.

The Fix: Seal the cuticle with humidity-blocking products to provide a line of defense against the frizz. It may sound technical, but think of product layering the same way you would dressing for the elements, says Joico style star, Eric Mayes: He starts with Smooth Cure Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner (which lock in a style for 72 hours, so no need for daily cleansing); followed by Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant, a lightweight “sealant” that’s like throwing on a waterproof jacket in winter. Stylist Kasia Milon takes things one step further by spritzing on Joico’s Humidity Blocker for the ultimate protective finish. “You’ll get the best beach waves with none of the frizz… what more can a girl ask for?”

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