22 May 2024

Two classic Paul Mitchell Sprays, now with two great extras!

Paul Mitchell’s popular Refill Plus promotion now comes with a cute little extra: a free limited edition headband!

The promotion includes a free, refillable 8.5 oz. spray with purchase of a liter bottle of Freeze and Shine Super Spray or Fast Drying Sculpting Spray. The non-slip black elastic headband is the kind of sleek, goes-with-everything hair accessory stylists –and guests– can never have enough of, and makes a great gift with service. Salons can enjoy the liter, the 8.5 oz. size, and the headband bundled together in a sweet retro design as part of Paul Mitchell Vintage Collection, for a limited time only, beginning May 2014.

Vintage Collection Free Refillable Sprays Plus Headband 

  1. Purchase:
 1—Freeze and Shine Super Spray, 33.8 oz. OR 1 – Fast Drying Sculpting Spray, 33.8 oz.
  2. Receive Free:
1—8.5 oz. size of same spray, for refilling plus,
  3. Plus Free:
1—1-inch non-slip limited edition Paul Mitchell® headband

To accompany this Vintage Collection promotion, we’ve created an adorable, romantically retro up-do using the headband. Get the look as seen on Tally Takes On, a YouTube series with Paul Mitchell’s resident vlogger, Tally Jean Rossi.

Here are the (remarkably simple!) steps for creating Paul Mitchell Vintage Collection up-do (check images below):

  1. 1. Prep hair with Fast Drying Sculpting Spray to add body, flexible control and shine (optional step).
  2. 2. Make a center part. Take your elastic headband and pull it down over the crown of your head. If desired, secure with bobby pins.
  3. 3. Starting on the side of the head, take front sections of the hair and wrap them around the headband, pulling out the ends.
  4. 4. Continue to repeat step 2 all the way around the head, tucking in all the hair until you reach the other side of the head.
  5. 5. Gently loosen some front pieces of hair to soften the look. Spritz with Freeze and Shine Super Spray to finish the look and hold everything in place.


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