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Victory! Maggie Semaan takes the gold at Davines 2016 World Style Contest!

Thursday, 21 January 2016 18:03

Nothing identifies more with a brand culture than the people that same culture represents. The recent winner of Davines 2016 World Style Contest is Canadian Maggie Semaan, who was introduced to the brand only 6 months ago and walked away this weekend with the gold in her hand!

She is the Overall Winner of the 2016 World Style Contest, which is what we call passion for hair, and passion for Davines. This talented artist is an emblem to all of those stylists that get hesitant at the mention of competition. Sometimes all you need is a product that inspires you, your love for salon, but most importantly, your desire to create beauty. 

Well, you sure are happy...
"So thrilled! I own my salon in Montreal, Canada, and I discovered Davines about six months ago and absolutely fell in love with the line. Then the competition came along, I went with it, and was lucky enough to be one of the top 10 finalists and… came here and just killed it onstage, gave it all I got! [laughs]"

What changed in your life the moment you started to use Davines in your salon?
"I love all their products, colors, styling... but since I discovered Davines, it made us so much more aware of how to behave with the environment… that we can actually use amazing products, and still be conscious and save the environment. Also for our own selves, using products that are harmless, that we don’t feel like they will affect us long term. I feel like this just makes it a notch higher and so much more amazing!"

Which are you favorite Davines products?
"I’m sure everyone would agree, lots of them are amazing but the OI line is amazing. I love the OI All in One Milk – you basically have the combination of everything, heat-protecting, hydrating... I love the fact that the products are alcohol free and that the results are simply so amazing. It makes your hair like silk! With Davines everyone will find something that suits their needs."

Tell us about the winning look you created for the World Style Contest.
"I wanted to push it a little bit. I mean, it’s not every day that a client will step out of the salon having a little bit of an edgy haircut and color. But you know when we come onstage we want to give a show and not just a regular everyday hairstyle that everybody sees. So it’s about a combination, coming up with colors and cutting techniques that will complement each other and will be impressive to everybody’s eye – you know, as much as possible. And that’s what I wanted to bring, and I’m happy that everybody really loved the idea!"

Let's talk about the mood board you created for the competition – how did you create it, what was your inspiration?
"Ah, my mood board – there was so much, I mean my mind was everywhere, so I wanted to come up with something that was very creative but also a little different! You know when you start creating, your mind goes everywhere... but I had to limit myself… and came up to the last idea which was a lot more neutral. I gave it more of a “wow” effect because of the colors that complemented each other."

What did you learn from the World Style Contest experience?
"There is always something to learn about these experiences, whether it is competitions, shows, even assisting somebody... there is so much to learn from other people working, and it also motivates you to be even better in your own ways of working. Long hours, long days and even more time in preparation. Everyone worked really hard during the World Style Contest and I am glad that it paid off."

Who are the hairstylists that inspire you the most?
"There is a lot of talent out there, but I have to say Anna Paccito because she was my coach for this competition 100% throughout the way, if it wasn’t for her guidance I wouldn’t know where to go. When you have an amazing coach and you're dedicated then there is much more possibilities."

So now what are you ambitions?
"Oh, my ambitions are really big right no! I mean, sky’s the limit so if you are passionate there are no limits. Nobody can tell you, “No you can’t do this.” It’s like everything is possible, we are artists. We create. We bring what is coming and it is our job to inspire and bring new ideas to people, never have them bored or uninspired."

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