The Elumenation Collection by Goldwell

Max-out shine and customize your look with a collection of brilliant new shades from Goldwell – the most stunning colors you can imagine, finished with reflection and shine!

Elumenated hair color features the most vivid reds, deepest blues, freshest greens and the fiery oranges – powered by shine. Elumenation is the art of adding extraordinary brilliance and shine to every color. There are three ways to unleash the full creative potential and versatility of Elumenation: Elumen, @Pure Pigments, and the @Elumenated Topchic and Colorance shades.

What makes it different: Drawing on Goldwell’s core strength as a true innovator in Direct Dye hair color technology, and with more than five decades of research, Elumenation ushers in a new era in color creativity. Colorists are able to inject these already-beautiful shades with intense reflections and shine.

What’s New:
A new shade within the group – @Pure Pigments Cool Violet – cools down every look by counteracting warmth and adding a smoky hue with a greyish undertone.
Three new @Elumenated Metallics shades – Cool Bronze Elumenated Pearl Beige, Cool Copper Elumenated Pink and Steel Violet Elumenated Pink – offer the best of two worlds: beautiful, metallized colors with depth and coverage and a layer of multi-shine reflections.
With so many gorgeous new options from Topchic and Colorance, you can opt to try more than one in achieving different looks.

For a more in-depth look into the amazing looks you can create with these new additions to the assortment, visit the Goldwell Education Plus app – available for download in the Apple and Google App stores.