2 December 2023

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Short cuts: Summer 2023

Which cut is the best for your vacation? And the best colors? Here are some ideas to keep your hair on trend with Summer 2023 short cuts. Summer is the perfect occasion to experiment with bold short cuts. Among the strongest trends for short hair this Summer 2023 we find...

Video Alert! How To Create Deep Texture in Men’s Short Haircuts with Sam Villa

Being proficient in men’s haircutting is really important if you want to build a wide variety of clients. And, knowing different techniques that create unique textures in men’s hair is extremely helpful,” says Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa.

Breaking Down the Barrier to Blended Appointments with Shortcuts Software

The potential minefield of blending walk-ins with booked appointments motivates many salons and barbers to opt exclusively for one or the other, but innovation-led Shortcuts now has the solution that allows salons to offer both with confidence.

A Brand New General Manager: Shortcuts rings in a Change at the Top for 2017

It’s all change at the top of Shortcuts Software with a brand new general manager set to take over from Paul Tate, who has been at the helm of the innovative software company for more than 23 years.

Video Alert! How to Use a Detailing Comb for Short Haircuts with Sam Villa

One of the final steps in finishing a short haircut is detailing the perimeter, and the key to doing that successfully is having the ability to control hair properly.  That’s where a Sam Villa Artist Series Detail Comb (available at SalonCentric, State Beauty Supply and RDA ProMart) comes in handy. 

Brand Yourself! Instant Access for Clients with Shortcuts mySALONapp

Branded client apps are no longer just for the large-scale salons, thanks to the new mySALONapp just released by Shortcuts Software!

Back to work: ideas for practical cuts

Summer has ended... welcome to fall. And we need some new ideas for getting back to our work routines with practical haircuts to get into the swing of autumn fashion. Find some inspiration here. We are all back from our summer vacation and are getting back to work. This is...

Murdock London – The Five Haircuts Every Barber Should Know

The highly-skilled, master barbers at Murdock London know that mastering the techniques and keeping ahead of trends is essential for barbers everywhere. When it comes to creating looks clients are demanding, Murdock London Master Barber Miles Wood-Smith says there are five key haircuts every barber should know. Buzzcut Cut with clippers all...

Contouring Haircuts – Bring Out the Best in Your Clients’ Features

Every salon client has a different perspective on what suits them. Some may ask your advice while others, alas, do not! While there's nothing we can do about perennially discontented clients, one thing is certain contouring haircuts can bring out the best in their facial features. The right style can...

Cutting Long Hair Short – Top Tips

Cutting long hair short is a subject of hot discussion. There’s no denying it, especially as shorter styles are becoming more and more popular. From shoulder grazing bobs to cute little pixie cuts, every one's a winner! So are you ready for the demand from clients? Get fully genned up with...

Haircuts4Homeless Christmas Campaign

Danish e-bike brand MATE. makes charity Haircuts4Homeless the star of its 2022 Christmas campaign. Haircuts4Homeless (H4H) has been the focus of Danish company MATE’s 2022 Christmas campaign. Volunteer Barber Tom Forde from Manifesto features in the short, poignant campaign film as one of the Haircuts4Homeless team who volunteers their time to...

Layered cuts trending this winter

Layered levels, sliced, and sinuous curves. Let’s see the layered cuts trending this winter, the season when elaborate hairstyles are more natural. The coldest season of the year is the one when we give in to all sorts of temptations: holiday parties, steamy mugs of hot chocolate, warm clothing and...

The best short hairstyles for Fall

Short, but not too short. For this fall the trend is to keep hair just above the shoulders, avoiding minimalist cuts. Harmony and balance. Short hairstyles for Fall 2022 do not venture into buzz cuts, but are reasonable, at a length we can define as average. Just below the chin...

Short hair for Summer ‘22: the top trends

Short hair for Summer ‘22? Well the hottest looks range from the Bixie to the Mullet, from the undercut to the classic pixie. Here are the coolest looks for Summer ‘22. Short hair for Summer ‘22 need be convenient when temperatures rise. And these cuts are definitely more strategic and...

10 trends to keep an eye on: women’s 2022 hair cuts

Towards the end of the year we can always glimpse the trends expected to continue in the year to come. Here is a round-up of the 10 trends to keep an eye on when selecting your new hair cut for 2022. The second year of the pandemic is almost behind...

Short Hair: What to Choose to Be On-Trend

The 10 cuts to look out for this season: each one dedicated to a different personality.

Video Alert! How To: A Short and Sweet Pixie by Ruth Roche

There is a reason Kristen Stewart, Ruth Negga, Zoe Kravitz, Rita Ora and others prefer a pixie now and then – this short sassy power cut leaves nothing to hide behind. It screams confidence and makes a woman shine! 

Video Alert! Using a Handle Comb for Scissor and Clipper Over Comb Haircuts

One of the most essential tools in a stylist’s kit is also one of the most simple, the trusty old comb. Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, demonstrates how to use the new Sam Villa Artist Series Handle Comb when performing scissor and clipper over comb techniques, and how vertical versus horizontal sections can yield very different results.

Video Alert! How To Cut the Modern Geometric Short Cut with Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, debuted three cuts for Fall 2014 inspired by shape-over-shape, mixed mediums and the 60’s. It started with the 60’s Bob, then the Modern Pixie and now it's time for Modern Geometric!

Bob Haircuts in Need of Love: Subtlety is Everything

Sometimes it’s the subtle things that make all the difference. Not everyone wants a makeover, sometimes a little tweak here or there to update a look is all someone needs to be on trend for the season.