19 July 2024

La Femme Madrid Collection by Dousse

Photographed on the streets of the Spanish capital, the new collection from Dousse is a tribute to Madrid, one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Dousse is a Spanish brand gaining recognition for the quality and innovation in their color products. This magnetic collection has been created by the brand’s artistic team, led by Creative Director Juan Luis Soria and consisting of Irene Osuna, Eugenia, Tomás, and David, who have brought to life the exclusive colors and treatments of Dousse. Models Bea, Alejandra, Filipa, and Irene look spectacular with styling by Lourdes, while photographer Martín de Brito has captured the essence of the collection in photography and Santolente has documented everything on video.

Furthermore, in bringing this inspiring collection to life, the brand has collaborated with the prestigious Maison Mesa, led by Juan Carlos Mesa, known for his avant-garde and classic style. Mesa has worked with iconic figures such as Ángel Schlesser and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, bringing his vast experience and creativity to this collaboration.

Madrid, with its rich history and effervescent fashion scene, served as the perfect backdrop for this collection. The collaboration with each of the distinguished professionals involved in this production has been crucial to realizing the brand’s vision, demonstrating once again why Dousse remains at the forefront of the color industry.

The vibrant capital of Spain solidifies itself as an epicenter of fashion and culture, rivaling global giants like Milan, Paris, and New York. With an unmatched density of trends per square meter, Madrid offers an urban landscape where design, elegance, and trend-setting capabilities intertwine in its iconic squares, bustling streets, and majestic buildings. This cultural melting pot not only attracts visitors from around the world but also cements its reputation as the “Capital of Fashion,” a title that reflects its innate flair for innovation in the design world.

Art Director: Juan Luis Soria
Artistic Team: Irene OsunaEugenia GuerreroTomás FuertesDavid Fuertes
Photo: Martín de BritoVerónica Milani
Video: Santolente Studio
Fashion Designer: Maison Mesa
Stylist: Lourdes Fernández Bermejo
Press: @pb.peluqueria.revista
Hair Cosmetics: DousseTassel
Models: @siireniita @13manias @filipa_ribeiro @beaherreera


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