21 July 2024

La Luce by Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola

La Luce represents an immersion in beauty in its purest form. It highlights light in all its dimensions and as a canvas to express a transparent sensuality.

La Luce by Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola explores beauty in its purest form. It emphasises light in all its shades as a canvas to express a transparent sensuality. The carefree and feather-light cuts underlined a purposely “careless” fashion. They transform the concept of “basic” into an authentic expression of style.

A palette of fresh and radiant colours illuminates the models’ faces. It creates a diffused glow that caressed and illuminated the hair with vibrant shimmers. Like a ray of light from above, the shades defined the movements with an irresistible luminosity.

A revolutionary element caught the attention of all the beauty experts present: NET. This new accessory transformed the ancient art of craftsmanship into modern versatility, opening new creative horizons in hair cutting and coloring. The casual and unexpected blow-drying gave a summery allure, while delicate waves caressed the contours of the face with grace and femininity.

Hair: Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola Photos: Giacomo Licheri and Andrea Lanno Stylist: Davide Pizzotti Make-up: The Agency Aldo Coppola


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