21 July 2024

The Tokoyama Touch: Preserving Heritage through Hairstyling

In the intricate world of Japanese traditional arts, the role of a tokoyama is as crucial as it is culturally rich.

A tokoyama is a specialized hairdresser whose skills are indispensable in the realms of kabuki theater, bunraku puppetry, and professional sumo wrestling. This unique vocation traces its origins back to the Edo period when certain barbers began to focus exclusively on the hairstyles of actors, puppets, and rikishi (sumo wrestlers).

The evolution of the tokoyama from general barbers to masters of their craft highlights a deep connection to cultural preservation. The term itself incorporates the Japanese character for “floor,” a nod to the historical setting of their trade on simple raised platforms in the Edo period.

Today’s tokoyama inherit a suite of traditional techniques and tools —from combs and spikes to strings— using them to sculpt hairstyles after applying specially formulated oils. However, the continuity of these traditional practices faces challenges due to the dwindling number of craftsmen who produce the necessary oils and tools. Despite these hurdles, the dedication of tokoyama to their art form remains unwavering.

The relationship between a tokoyama and their clients goes beyond mere professional interaction. In kabuki, a tokoyama often commits to a particular group of actors, specializing in styles that best complement the actors’ roles. This deep-seated partnership enhances the expressive power of kabuki performances, where every detail counts. In bunraku, tokoyama execute the visions of stewards who dictate the appropriate hairstyles, ensuring that the puppets presented to audiences adhere to traditional aesthetics.

In the sumo world, tokoyama are integral to maintaining the sport’s traditional image. Each wrestler’s hair, styled into a distinctive topknot, is not merely a requirement but a symbol of the wrestler’s dedication and status within this highly structured community.

As cultural ambassadors, tokoyama play a pivotal role in the preservation of Japanese heritage. Their artistry is a bridge between the past and present, ensuring that the traditional aesthetics of Japan’s most revered performing arts and sports continue to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.


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