19 July 2024

Lily Collins gets a new do by Schwarzkopf!

Lily Collins got a brand new dark suede brunette shade thanks to Jacob Schwartz and Schwarzkopf Professional.

Lily Collins underwent a major color and length transformation just in time for the premiere of her new movie MaXXXine! Schwarzkopf Professional partnered up with colorist Jacob Schwartz to achieve her new dark suede brunette shade. And who wouldn’t fall in love with this “shiny rich expensive dark brown” color! 

The latest trends in hair color are pointing towards warmer tones, whether blonde, red, or blond. But Lily’s latest tone is off the charts! We asked Jacob about what inspired it.

I wanted something really rich and dark,” replied Jacob, “so I chose Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA VIBRANCE. It had to be not too red or too flat and cool. I wanted to go with a classic effortless brown for Lily.” 

Dark hair may not work for all complexions. How does a colorist work on the skin tone-hair tone scale?

For me It’s sort of a feeling,” Jacob shares. “Skin tone matters but so does eye color; if someone has freckles that plays into it also!” 

How will these tones be changing for the coming season?

The tones really depend on the client, but I see a lot of rich dark solid colors happening this season,” envisions Jacob.

Get Lily’s new color with Schwarzkopf Professional

HAIRLINE: IGORA VIBRANCE 6-0 + 7-1 (1:1) mix with VIBRANCE Activator Gel 6 Vol (1:1) 

ROOTS: IGORA VIBRANCE 5-1 + 6-0 (1:1) mix with VIBRANCE Activator Gel 6 Vol (1:1)

ALL OVER: IGORA VIBRANCE  6-5 + 6-0 + 1/8oz of @OLAPLEX #1 (1:1) mix with VIBRANCE Activator Gel 6 Vol (1:1)

CREDIT: @jacobschwartzhair using Schwarkopf Professional


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