21 July 2024

Jennifer Smith – Oribe Vice President of Product Creation

Jennifer Smith is Oribe Vice President of Product Creation. She leads the product creation team in the strategic direction of new category and product development, visual direction of packaging, as well as Oribe’s ESG strategy. Estetica was very happy to be able to speak to her during a recent trip to London.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is integral to design, creating and launching iconic products such as the best-selling Gold Lust and Hair Alchemy collections. She has also been pivotal in leading the growth of Oribe’s identity as a luxury hair care brand. Jennifer recently gave an intriguing and inspirational talk at an Oribe Forever Obsessed event in London on how Oribe continues to evolve and push the boundaries of performance – and why every detail matters. During the course of the event, Estetica UK’s Editor-in-Chief, Gary Kelly, was able to ask Jennifer a few questions about another of her passions – sustainability and care for the enviroment:

Jennifer, it’s a pleasure to welcome you here in London! Oribe has had something of a European focus recently, with the Oribe Signature Session Event in Milan and then again here in the UK.

Yes, reaching out across different global markets is so important for the Oribe brand. Hosting international events, such as the recent Oribe Signature Session Event in Milan, is very important for enhancing our global brand awareness. These gatherings serve as a platform for Oribe to showcase our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and the way we’re taking a more mindful approach to how we create. They also allow us to connect directly with our diverse customer base and highlight our unique position in the industry as a leader in luxury, performance, and our commitment to delivering beautiful product experiences that are better for both people and planet.

Jennifer Smith

How is Oribe engaging with sustainable initiatives and projects that constitute real progress in improving people’s lives?

Oribe is deeply committed to sustainability, not just as a concept, but as a practical, integral part of our operations. We see sustainability as the intersection of environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality. Through sustainable practices we can support wellbeing for people and the environment, helping everyone live better, healthier lives. By using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and shifting to recyclable materials like MDPE, we are reducing our environmental footprint. Also, our adherence to strict global safety standards and the banning of over 1,300 harmful ingredients ensures product safety for our customers. On the social front, we’re actively engaged in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that these principles are woven into our corporate culture and reflected in our community engagements and partnerships.

Jennifer Smith

How is Oribe converting these initiatives into positive perception of the brand by the consumer/professional?

At Oribe, we leverage our sustainability initiatives by being transparent and proactive in how we communicate. We regularly update our customers and professional community about our progress through our dedicated sustainability page on our website, and through regular posts on our social media platforms. By demonstrating real changes and improvements in our products and practices, such as offering refill pouches that use significantly less plastic and ensuring all our packaging is recyclable, we meet the growing consumer demand for eco-conscious products and build trust and loyalty. Our efforts in DE&I, along with our partnerships with organizations such as Beauty Without Bunnies program by PETA, reinforce our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, further positioning Oribe as a brand that cares deeply about both people and the planet.


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