21 July 2024

Voluminous Hair for Summer Events

When it comes to summer events, voluminous hair looks are always highly requested in the salon. They can range from big, voluminous, bouncy blow-dries and curls to messy buns and topknots with body and thickness.

“The summer weather, where hair is more prone to heat, excess moisture and humidity, can have negative effects on the hair,” explains Alterna Ambassador, Sabrina Dijkman. “This can lead to hair damage, frizz, colour fade and hair looking and feeling limper and more lifeless. Below are a few of my favourite voluminous hair looks for key summer events including weddings, festivals and races, and how they can be achieved using some of my favourite products.”

Sky high imperfect twist

Voluminous Hair

For clients who like a hairstyle that’s super soft and dishevelled, I love this style. Don’t wash the hair, for this look it’s best to wear it a day or two after washing. Instead, prep the hair with a dry shampoo land then lightly mist some of the ALTERNA Caviar Multiplying Volume Styling Mist through the hair to give it a gritty base to help aid styling. I would then go in and create my modern French ‘imperfect’ twist’ – the key is to be light handed, using hair pins to secure the hair in place and let the hair naturally do its thing with little to no styling! Once you have created the shape you like, pull out some pieces of hair around the face and within the twist for a more romantic and effortless feel.

Braided power pony

Voluminous Hair

For those who aren’t looking for a bun updo, the power pony is always a fabulous choice and looks incredibly chic. For this look I would firstly start by lightly curling the hair in sections before brushing out for softness. Then, I would section the hair on the top and backcomb underneath before creating my side braid, working halfway down the head before securing with an elastic.

To give the braid added thickness and body, lightly pull-out sections of the braid. Then, put the braided section to one side and secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the nape before wrapping the end of the braid around the ponytails base to disguise your hair tie to give the hair a more ‘boho’ feel. Finish by lightly backcombing the hair in the ponytail and misting some ALTERNA Caviar Professional Styling Perfect Texture Spray through to give it added texture for more of a messy, textured finish.

Voluminous hair low bun

Although this hairstyle looks simple, it makes a statement. Prepping the hair first before creating your bun is key to add volume into the hair and to make it more manageable. Gently backcombing underneath the crown for added volume at the top of the head. Then go in to create my side braid before taking it all together and securing into a low ponytail at the neck. The wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail to create a bun. This product will give the bun a more voluminous, thicker appearance, alongside hold. Try and give the bun a more natural finish and then secure it with pins.

Bodified beachy waves

Voluminous Hair

For those who prefer their hair down, bodified beachy waves are a beautifully effortless summer hair look. Prepping the hair by washing it with a good quality shampoo and conditioner is essential to help boost the hair’s fullness before any heated styling. Blow-dry the hair before taking a heated styling iron and using this to create beachy ‘s’ like waves, working in small sections around the head. I would use the heated styling iron in different directions then use a tooth comb to break up the waves before spritzing in a texture spray, lightly scrunching this through to give the hair dimensional texture and to hold the style in place. I also love this look teamed with a side parting for a more side swept, red carpet inspired look, also duped as the ‘feathery blowout’ which will be a huge trend this season.


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