19 July 2024

Soft Curls – The New Era Perm Is Making a Comeback

Less invasive and kinder to the hair and scalp, the perms is back! The trend is for soft curls which are healthy and natural-looking.

Soft Curls

There was a time when it seemed impossible to live without it, for men as well as women. The Eighties and Nineties were the decades of the perm, but in the world of hairstyling this technique has undergone a significant transformation. The introduction of a less invasive approach has resulted in soft curls.

The Soft Perm – A New Idea in Styling

This represents something of a revolution, thanks to the use of new materials and innovative products that promise to preserve the health of the hair, while offering excellent results, in the search for the perfect curl. One of the key elements of this new technique is the use of thioglycolic acid in a less aggressive form. Traditionally, this acid broke down disulfide bonds in the hair, allowing its restructure into new shapes. However, the conventional process could often be damaging, leaving hair dry and brittle. Today, thanks to more delicate formulations, thioglycolic acid acts effectively without compromising the health of the hair, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Cold Perming with Sponge Curlers

Another significant innovation is the use of sponge curlers instead of plastic ones. Sponge curlers are softer and more flexible, offering greater protection to your hair during the perming process. This material allows for more even distribution of the product and minimises the risk of breakage or excessive stress on the hair, resulting in more natural and long-lasting curls.

Furthermore, the new gentle perm is carried out cold, eliminating the need for heat, which in the past was often responsible for further damage to the hair. The products used cold are formulated to effectively penetrate the hair without the need for thermal activation, making the treatment safer and more comfortable for both the customer and the hairdresser.

The End Result

This innovation in the perm technique not only guarantees healthier hair, but also responds to the needs of customers who are increasingly attentive to the care and quality of their hair. The gentle perm represents the future of styling, combining excellent results with a more respectful and delicate approach to the hair. 


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