19 July 2024

Celebrating Ivana Primorac: 2024 Film & TV Hairdresser of the Year for ‘Barbie’

In the heart of London’s bustling West End, inside the iconic BAFTA headquarters, a celebration of extraordinary talent unfolded as Ivana Primorac received the 2024 International Film & TV Hairdresser of the Year award.

Ivana Primorac’s remarkable work in the movie ‘Barbie’, along with her talented team, including renowned hairdressers Marie Larkin and Clare Corsick, set a new standard in hair and makeup design, capturing the essence of the beloved character and bringing a vibrant vision to life on the big screen.

The award was personally handed to Ivana by Mikel Luzea, founder of the International Hairdressing Awards, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador. The event was not just a private ceremony but a recognition of Ivana’s decades of dedication to the craft of hair and makeup design in the film industry. “Receiving this award is not just a personal honor but a moment of validation for the entire team’s hard work and creativity. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication that we all share for bringing stories to life through our artistry,” shared Ivana.

Ivana further elaborated on the team dynamics, “Working on Barbie involved massive coordination, from the production designer to the costume designer and me. We had countless Zoom meetings discussing what would make a doll and what doesn’t.” She also highlighted the logistical feat of managing the wigs, “A total of 700 wigs were used during the filming, and Margot Robbie alone had 18 different wigs. Managing such a vast number of wigs, especially with the shoot being moved up, posed a unique set of challenges that pushed our creative and organizational limits.” Her Purple Lady trophy stands as a symbol of excellence, recognizing Ivana’s influence and her ability to transform actors into their characters, profoundly impacting how stories are told visually.

Ivana Primorac stands as one of the most acclaimed hair and makeup designers in the film industry, her reputation cemented by her contributions to some of the most influential films of our time. Her extensive portfolio includes work on ‘The Darkest Hour’, where her skill in period-accurate styling was paramount, ‘Cold Mountain’, and ‘Sweeney Todd’, both of which showcased her ability to craft distinct, character-driven looks that enhance storytelling. Her versatility extends to fantasy and adventure, evident in her creative designs for ‘Airbender’ and the whimsical ‘Wonka’. Each project underlines her exceptional skill and creative vision, making her a pivotal figure in defining the visual aesthetics of modern cinema.

Mikel Luzea, Ivana Primorac and Sergi Bancells, this week at the iconic BAFTA headquarters in London.


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