21 July 2024

Golden Hour Glow – This Summer’s Hot Colour Trend from Jordanna Cobella

Golden Hour Glow

The Golden Hour Glow

The Golden Hour Glow is all about mimicking the natural shimmer of golden hues from a sunset,” explains Wella Professionals UKI Colour & Trends Ambassador, Jordanna Cobella. “It’s also about embracing warmer tones and taking inspiration from the stunning gradience. I have definitely seen an increase in clients embracing warmer shades that reflect more light, allowing for a more vibrant shine.”

Jordanna’s Top Tips

“For the best gradience application, keep it really clean. Work in clean sections and always with a towel to wipe your hands in between blends. If you work the roots in quarters, applying the root colour first, then blending straight into the mid length and ends, the root colour is not on the hair for long enough time to create a distinctive line. Try blending the colours in one go rather than all over roots and all over ends. I would also advise blending downwards, respecting the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, rather than blending upwards.

“Another top tip is to use over-direction to help with any sharper blends, and to create a strong gradient. When choosing your colours to blend, always think about what colour the two formulas will create when blended.”

Matching a Warmer Shade to a Skin Tone

“Every shade of colour can be made warm or cool, it’s all about complimenting the undertone of the skin as well as the eye colour. The rule of thumb is that opposites attract, so if you have a warm eye colour and skin colour, a cooler tone will suit beautifully.”

Color Touch by Wella Professionals

Golden Hour Glow

The perfect palette to create Golden Hour Glow? Well, there are more than 90 shades in the Wella Professionals Color Touch range, including the new bronze collection, which comprises a pallet of three stunning natural shades with a hint of mahogany. These divine new shades are balanced with warm and cool tones to suit all skin and hair types, and ideal for clients looking to update their hair colour with a bronze hue this season.


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