21 July 2024

10 Reasons to Become a Colourist by Safy B

Safy B joined the hairdressing industry with a desire to create beautiful hair. Little did she know at the time just how much the hair colouring craft would inspire her! Here are her 10 reasons to become a colourist.

10 Reasons
Pastel Rainbow

“The best part of being a hairdresser has to be the way we can use our skills to make clients smile,” says Safy B. “Looking back to where I was in the very early days of my career, to where I am now, I could never have imagined how many skill I would go on to amass.

“As an all rounder hairdresser, little did I know just how much the colour industry would offer me. I’m also amazed by all the opportunities that have come my way.

Now I have become known for my vivid and bold transformations and for sharing my knowledge and colour secrets with others. It was hard to think of ONLY 10 reasons for becoming a colourist, but here goes!

So, why should you become a colourist? Here are Safy B‘s top 10 Reasons:

10 Reasons
Safy B
  • You’re challenged every day – as a colourist. No two days are EVER the same, and in 99% of cases no two hours! One minute you may have a beautiful blonde, next a holographic rainbow or even a full colour correction. You never know what will walk through the salon doors. Therefore, you are very much kept on your toes at all times.
  • It’s fun – honestly, sometimes if you don’t laugh you will cry with colour challenges. However, for the most part it is so much fun and the hair truly become your canvas. The excitement levels when a client says ‘do what you want’ hit a whole new high!
  • Creativity is all around you at all times – colour makes up every aspect of our life, in every way, shape and form so you are never stuck for creative inspiration. Use the creativity around you to channel into your work.
  • You will forever have a job. Never will hairdressing go out of style or business, clients and hairdressers alike love their hair more than anything. Even in a cost of living crisis, people are still having their hair coloured. It’s fair to say it will never be an industry that goes out of business.
  • The opportunities are endless – had I known the opportunities that would come my way when I first started out, I would’ve made a beeline to become a colourist more than anything. From ambassador and creative roles, to business and retail roles – there really is so many different avenues to colour and hairdressing alike. There is opportunities to make an incredible name for yourself.
  • You’ll meet so many new people – hairdressing is a global community and us colourists love nothing more than sharing and engaging with fellow colourists. This alone can do your career wonders as you influence or make a connection that will provide you with new opportunities.
  • Education is very hands on – as a colourist, your go to thing will be education. This is how you will progress and learn new skills, as well as new trends and techniques that allow you to create the most beautiful work. Education in colour truly is never ending and is one of the biggest positives of become a colourist – it’s 24/7.
  • You can select your colour ‘niche’ – the colour world has so any different avenues and ‘niches’. You can choose to go down a specific route or just be an overall colourist! Recently we have seen a real variety of colourists selecting niches such as balayage, vivids, blondes and so much more.  Whatever you chose is up to you!
  • You can earn a great living – become the best colourist you can and putting your all into your career, there is an opportunity to earn a fantastic wage at the end of every month. Please keep in mind that this takes so much hard work and commitment, but if you put your all into it, you can reach a really fantastic level.
  • It’s fun – short and simple … and never get’s boring!


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