22 June 2024

Salon Surge – The 2nd Semester of 2024 Looks Brighter!

The first half of 2024 hasn’t been all plain sailing for UK hair salons. While things are looking brighter for some businesses and a salon surge is already underway, many are still struggling to get back to pre-Covid levels.

Salon Surge

Meanwhile, many other business owners and managers are reporting a real salon surge in bookings and interest in salon services. This is probably due to the fact that consumers are feeling more settled and ready to spend money. According to Cameron Dermody, director of evo concept salon Nichares Hairdressing and Dermody Coaching in Taunton, the horizon is looking exciting for hairdressers and salons.”

Silver Linings

“I’m aware a lot of salons were struggling in January and February of this year,” says Cameron Dermody. “However, I hope that now they have started to see the salon return to normal again. I think there is a lot of silver linings that can be learnt and how we can better prepare and plan for them in the future to boost cashflow in the salon.

“I predict that as we move towards the end of the year, we are going to see a movement for stylists seeking an employed role again, which is great for salons everywhere struggling with recruitment. There has also been a mindset shift with pricing and the majority of salons have implemented or planned a well overdue price increase to bring the investment of our services in line with what is needed to meet client expectations in 2024.

“We are about to enter our busier months so how can we maximise this for the salon owners and the teams? As we head into a new season, introduce new services and add-on treatments that can boost the final bill. We offer the evo top drop treatment at the backwash as an upgrade to every service and it is now more than 50% of our monthly business. Something small can make a big difference. We see this as a win, win; the client gets a great result and upgraded service, the team benefit in commission and the salon business has boosted its average bill by over 10%.”

Salon Surge

Cameron’s tips for to be successful for the rest of 2024

  • When a stylist is running close to maximum capacity think about how they can utilise their client visits and increase their average bill without costing them too much time. An add-on treatment such as evo top drop is a great addition to the client experience.
  • Make sure you’re pricing your treatments for profit. After years of testing, we found that clients actually see the value more in a £20 treatment than a £5 treatment and were more excited about the service. It’s also much more beneficial to the salon business to do less services at a higher ticket.
  • If you struggle with treatment sales have you thought about putting the price up before you put it down? Add value rather than take it away.


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