22 June 2024

Kids’ Hair – Do They Choose, or Is It the Grown Ups?

Once upon a time it was the parents who suggested their kids’ hair looks. Nowadays, there is more awareness on the part of our children. But… how do you avoid their hair looks being mere replicas of adult styles?

Kids’ hair should reflect their youth and vitality, avoiding replicating overly adult styles. The key is practicality and ease of management, while maintaining a touch of playfulness and freshness. Parents should look for cuts that are comfortable for children and require low maintenance, remembering that the concept of “elegance” and “style” for adults are different from those of our children.

Kids -v- Adults

Practicality plays a key role in children’s haircuts. While adults may spend more time on grooming and styling, parents often prefer cuts that are easy to manage and require little maintenance for their little ones. Children’s cuts therefore tend to be less elaborate and simple , minimising the risk of tangling during daily activities.

Additionally, children’s haircuts incorporate elements of playfulness and fun. Colourful fringes, unruly quiffs and clip-on accessories can add a touch of creativity and originality to the look, allowing them to express their individuality from a young age.

Hair looks for girls

The bob is an evergreen that is always in fashion. Short and comfortable, it is perfect for active girls who want to maintain a fresh and practical style. It can be enriched with accessories such as bows or coloured headbands for an even more playful touch.

For those girls who prefer a longer hairstyle, the centre parting is a stylish and stylish option. This style adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting the symmetry of the face and creating a look which ideal both for special occasions and simply for everyday.

Braids are another popular choice, offering endless possibilities for creativity. From classic head-hugging cornrows to soft, romantic side braids, this style is versatile and suitable for all ages. Mums and big sisters can indulge themselves with different variations, such as spike or crown braids, for an enchanting and feminine look.

Children’s haircuts have become increasingly varied and personalised, reflecting fashion trends and personal preferences. Among boys, there are some cuts that stand out for their popularity.

One of the most requested cuts is the cut with fades or shaved layers, which adds a touch of rebellion and modernity. This style allows you to play with different lengths and textures, creating eye-catching contrasts between short hair and shaved parts. It can be personalised with designs or carved lines for an even more personal look.

Quiffs are another must among children, both boys and girls. This detail offers versatility and can be adapted to different lengths and styles. From long, unruly quiffs to short, neat ones, there’s an option for every personality. The quiffs can be styled in a playful and informal way or combed in a more elegant way for special occasions.

For boys who want a more grown-up and elegant look, the swept back cut is a cool choice. This style calls for a slightly longer length on the top and sides, with the hair slicked back to create a sophisticated, neat look. It’s a versatile option that can be adapted for formal or casual occasions, adding a touch of maturity to your child’s hair look.


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