13 June 2024

Art Deco Collection by Toni Espigares

The Art Deco Collection gets its inspiration from the artistic movement of the 1920s that influenced all types of art, such as design and fashion.

Art Deco Collection

Art Deco drew from Cubism and Futurism, its characteristic elements are geometrization and symmetry. This distinctive aesthetic guided the movement towards elegance, sensuality, modernisation and progress. In the Art Deco Collection by Toni Espigares, the geometric shapes and lines inherent to this style translate into the hair: straight and polished cuts, zig-zag, cubic formats, straight and precise lines, always taking care of the styling to create a complete image. Natural colours come together with those that symbolise luxury, to represent the splendour of this period that arose between the wars.

Hair, Make-up & Styling: Toni Espigares Hair Salon: Toni Espigares Hair & Makeup Studio Photography: Esteban Roca Products: Schwarzkopf Professional


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